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Adrian Gibbons
Joined: 11/19/2014

I wish to know which is the best file format to convert to. I have a Zodiac Platinum DAC for PC,  and also an Astel&Kern 256 for protable playing. I use Foobar 2000 on my main media music system via Yamaha 3030 and MK Sound 150 7.1 speakers.
Size of files is not imprortant as I have large disc capacity available. But I do want the best format and bit/sample rates.
I currently use PROduce-RD and format to .wav at 24/192. I source music files via iTunes, HDTracks and AllMusic or via CD or BleRay, SDAC disks.
I have many problems with track tags and mostly need to do this manually. Is there a way around this?
Thanks you and regards

Joined: 09/02/2010

Hello Adrian,
If you use foobar2000 as audio player, better choise use PCM formats (WAV, FLAC).
Foobar2000 support ASIO and WASAPI drivers. It allow "bit perfect" playback.
I don't know about supporting DSD DoP mode by foobar. Thus better use PCM mode.
For Astel&Kern 256 need seek the best sounding mode. Of course, it is measurable. But here need special equipment. I.e. need check your player by hearing.
Best regards,

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