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Best Audio File Converter


Every month volume of downloadable high resolution music are growing.

At our home we store a vast media libraries.

We need converting music formats and for:

- compatibility with DAC and players,

- retrenching hard disk or disk storage space occupied audio files

- etc.


What is best audio file converter tool for exact audio enthusiasts?

Primary requirement to best audio file converter tool is transparent sound with minimum distortions.


High resolution ( pro ) converters on the market has:

- low level of distortions,

- embedded dithering,

- minimum phase filter.


Dithering - method of sound purity improvement for 16 bit converting.


Minimum phase filter (Analog mode) (of sampling rate conversion) - sound cause noise for digital sampling rate conversion. Primarily you listen the (pre-sound) noise. After very short delay you hear sound. Converter in analog mode efficiently confine the pre-sound noise.


However high resolution audio converters have three issues :

1. Restricted number of built-in output file formats

2. Noise of shifted ultrasound

3. Starting on Mac OS X hardware via Win software emulator


Limited range of built-in output formats - HD downloadable music files have lossless (FLAC, WAV, AIFF). Usually HD and professional tools for converting supply a limited range of output formats. Don't supported other formats ( ogg, mp3, alac etc. ) (used for qualitative mobile audio gears: car and portable systems). Required additional manual conversion of file with changed resolution to final format.

Noise of shifted ultrasound: imperfection of audio equipment cause ultarsound shifted to bottom and become audible as noise. Especially it might rising during playback HD (88/96/176/192 kHz) at high loudness power.

Launching on Mac with Windows emulation software - often sound engineers and audiophiles use Mac. Some high qualitative audio conversion converters has Windows version only.