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How Faster Extract ISO Audio File

ISO 1-bit audio file (ripped image of optical audio disk) has huge volume and demands significant computing time. However for AuI ConverteR 48x44 exists ways decrease the time for some cases.

How faster extract ISO

Extracting ISO to stereo tracks faster multichannel track

Converting ISO to stereo track demands less comcomputing resources than multichannel extracting.

In Settings window > CD Ripper/ISO tab > Force read stereo track... switch should be checked.

Extract ISO to stereo tracks


Extract without digital signal processing

If you convert ISO audio file to DSF (in AuI ConverteR DEMO or PROduce-RD) without resampling, available bit-perfect mode without digital signal processing.

In Settings window > General tab > Force read stereo track... switch should be checked.

Extract ISO without digital signal processing


True Gapless Mode turn off

True Gapless Mode (seamless conversion) is one of clickless technologies applied in AuI ConverteR. Intended for albums where next neighbour track is continuation of previous one. Like live concerts, operas albums. Also can be applied for some ISO albums where present DC offset.

True Gapless Mode used for both ISO to PCM and ISO to DSF conversion.

So tracks should be processed in album order, in True Gapless Mode processed only one ISO's track simultaneously.

Other ISO albums, where pauses (zero level) and/or absent clicks between tracks, can be extracted without True Gapless Mode.

In Main AuI ConverteR's window > Parameters tab > True Gapless Mode switch should be unchecked.



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