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True Gapless Conversion audio files

During converting some albums (operas, symphonies, live concerts) need provide gapless transient between tracks.

Usually audio converters process albums tracks as separete files.

During resampling (due used filters) at begin and end of output (converted) file appear artefacts. Possible avoid the artefacts by truncating part of samples at end of file.

Therefore we either truncate file or have artefacts of filtration.

True Gapless Conversion (TGC) allow avoid both these troubles about border of two tracks.


More info How Convert ISO to DSF, WAV, etc. without Clicks (Mac OS X and Windows)


AuI's trueG algorith of true gapless conversion allow seamlessly connect two track from album (see picture).

True Gapless Conversion - AuI's trueG

New AuI ConverteR 48x44 PROduce-RD v. 4.1.9 support True Gapless Conversion for next provisions:

1. Tracks must have same sample rate and bit depth.

2. Tracks must be sorted in playback order (sort by file path/name).

TGC don't use multi-CPU capability due serial file processing. Before converting next audio file previous must be completed.


Turn ON True Gapless mode

On main window of AuI ConverteR 48x44 Parameters tab need turn ON (checked) True Gapless Mode switch.


FREE edition allow test True Gapless Conversion on ISO HD-audio image.

Download free HD audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44 for high resolution music

WARNING: Input DSF, DFF, ISO supported in Audiophil-E, PROduce-R and configurable Modula-R
Output DSF supported in maximal PROduce-RD and configurable Modula-R


Also in version 4.1.9:

1. Fixed file processing progress digits vertical truncation.

2. Fixed some bugs downloading codecs.

3. Fixed trouble of user interfase hanging for converting some ISO.

4. Added switch Smooth DC (see Settings window) allow turn OFF fade in/out of DC smoothing (click avoiding).

5. Fixed some minor bugs.

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Conversion CDA (CD-audio track) to mp3 may be provided with different level of safety. CD drive can show (via programming interface) errors that appear during reading and mark each byte data integrity (correct/wrong). Looks like, some CD drives can’t do the detection error per each byte.

Released new studio audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44 v. 6.4 CD ripper, ISO, DFF, DSF, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC. Improved ISO extraction target directory management.

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DSD converter is software for conversion DSD audio files to other formats and back. DSD audio files have extensions DSF, DFF, ISO. As target or source formats PCM multibit formats (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, mp3, etc. files and CD-audio disks) can be used. Also such converter can resample DSD files. Below will described how to work the converter.


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