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What is AIFF on CD audio on Mac OS X?


When you insert CD into your Mac, you can see in "Finder" AIFF files on the CD.

CD - AIFF Mac OS X - AIFF/sowt

It's non usual AIFF. And some AIFF compatible software can’t open it. It’s special format of AIFF named as AIFF/sowt or AIFF-C/sowt (more correct).

Distinguish between AIFF and AIFF/sowt in order of bytes of sample audio. Order bytes into AIFF/sowt like to WAV PCM.

All other these formats is same.

May be you hear that AIFF-C is lossy audio file format group. But AIFF-C/sowt is lossless.

AIFF-C/sowt has same to AIFF-C file header, but it is format compatible with Microsoft WAV PCM. That format used for storing audio data into CD.


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