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What Is Analog Output

Analog output of sound card is connector pass signal in analog ("as into nature") form to amplifier or active speakers (speakers with built-in amplifier).

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1. Line output is sound card out with signals standard level (250 mV).

Usually sound card has two mono line outputs (used as stereo) or one stereo.

For playback 5.1 and 7.1 records some cards have 6 to 8 ouputs (include LFE/subwoofer output).

Line Output Sound Card


2. Monitor output is linear output for:

- headphones (in recording workflow) or

- studio monitors (for music production) or

- stage monitors (for live concerts).

      At concert line outputs of audio card are connected to loudspeakers directed to listeners. It is desirable to have additional monitor outputs to output the sound to stage monitors: musicians are well heard that they play. More right use external mixer with monitor outputs.

      You can use monitor outputs in home recording studio (without external hardware mixer).

Studio and scene monitors

3. INSERT (output and input simultaneoustly) is a point of connection to external hardware audio devices (reverb, vocal and guitar processors, etc.).

Insert is a union:

- output (from card) to external processing unit (signal before processing)


- input (to card) from the unit (already processed signal).

INSERT connector
stereo (two mono) INSERT connectors (1 mono processor to each mono channel)


Connecting audio processor to sound card

Connecting audio processor to sound card

For each channel we use 1 stereo jack connector.

Stereo jack is connector to INSERT input/output

Stereo jack is connector for INSERT input/output

Usually USB, FireWire-sound cards, sound cards, or PCI with external modules has connection points INSERT.

Through this point the sound:

- coming (from INSERT output) to an external processing unit,

- passes through the unit

- back (to INSERT input) to sound card.


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How to Improve Sound Quality


In this article term "to improve sound quality" mean "to decrease sound playback distortions at analog output of digital-analog converter". How to try to decrease the playback distortions for used equipment or portable device (digital audio player, mobile phone, etc.) will be considered below.

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