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What is Audio Converter

Audio converter is audio software for converting music file formats and audio resolution. The article about audio converter bases. What is lossy and lossless, compressed and uncompressed files.

File format is type of storing of audio data into computer file (mp3, wav, flac, mp4, m4a, ape, cda, ...).

Audio file format


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Files formats divide to lossy and lossless

Lossless formats stored original audio staff from recording studio without loss of sound quality. Example: wav, aiff, aiff-c/sowt, flac, ape, alac (apple lossless).

Lossy formats loss some "quantity" of original sound quality. Example: mp3, aiff-c, wav/µ-Law, mpeg4 (mp4), aac (m4a, mp4).

Lossy formats have lesser hard disk (or other storage) space than lossless.


Lossless formats divide to compressed and uncompressed

Uncompressed formats stored original audio stuff as is. Examples: wav, aiff, aiff-c/sowt.

Compressed formats stored original audio stuff after compressing without loss of sound quality. After restoring from lossless compressed formats we get original audio staff without any changing (bit-to-bit).  Examples: flac, ape, WavPack (.wv), alac.

There is debate about whether FLAC keep sound quality. Theoretically must keep bit-to-bit.


What is audio resolution?

Audio resolution is sample rate (44, 48, 88, ..., 192, ... kHz) and bit-depth (1, 16, 24, .... bit) of each sample (minimum particle) of digital audio (music) stream.


Sample rate conversion is lossy?

Yes. For any combination input and output sampling rates we have informaton loss. If we artificially add information (oversampling - increasing sample rate), we don't known true value added info anyway. See more oversampling and downsampling.


Bit-depth conversion is lossy?

Yes. Information loss also. Except, we increase integer bit-depth value (convert 16 to 24 bit, or 16 to 32 bit). Converting 16 bit integer to 32 bit floating point has loss.

But converting 16 bit integer -> 32 bit floating point without any processing -> 16 bit integer is lossless. It possible for correct rounding.



1. Audio converter is software for changing resolution and storing format of audio files.

2. Audio files store full audio information or partially lost (less size).

3. Size of music files with full audio information possible decrease with lossless compressing.

Author: Yuri Korzunov, June 26 2014

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Conversion CDA (CD-audio track) to mp3 may be provided with different level of safety. CD drive can show (via programming interface) errors that appear during reading and mark each byte data integrity (correct/wrong). Looks like, some CD drives can’t do the detection error per each byte.

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Audio Basis - Educational program

DSD converter is software for conversion DSD audio files to other formats and back. DSD audio files have extensions DSF, DFF, ISO. As target or source formats PCM multibit formats (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, mp3, etc. files and CD-audio disks) can be used. Also such converter can resample DSD files. Below will described how to work the converter.


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