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What is the Best CD Ripper Software? How to Compare Audio CD Rippers


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Safety of reading is the first demand to CD ripper software.
In Internet possibly to read different recommendations how choose the best ripping software.
But these recommendations is presentative as rule.
Purpose the article to try found more exact (measurable) way of comparing CD rippers that independent by subjective perception.

What is the best CD ripper software


What CD ripper we can consider as «the best»?

CD ripper can’t be considered as «CD ripper in vacuum».

CD ripper is system: [CD ripper + used CD-drive].

Therefore need consider quality of the full system.


CD ripper comparison method

1. Tools

1.1. CD rippers
1.2. CD-drive(s)
1.3. Test CDs with binary identical WAV files per track.
     The test CDs should have different

1.4. Tool for binary comparison of WAV files.


2. Testing rippers

2.1. Rip the test CDs to WAV files for different combinations:
    a) CD ripper
    b) CD drive
    c) CD ripping mode (speed, overlapping, re-reading number, recovering, etc.) if available.

Comparison CD rippers


2.2. Compare ripped WAV files with original files (sources of tracks of the test CDs)  via binary comparison tool (goal 1.4):
     a) Length in bytes from begin of the track to first detected (via binary comparison) error byte.
          Figure out mark of steadiness CD ripper to appearing errors.
     b) Percent of detected (via binary comparison) wrong bytes to total number of bytes in track.
         Figure out mark of ability CD ripper to error avoiding.

During WAV file binary comparison need consider audio data only (pass by WAV’s header and chunks).

Recommended provide several times (10 and more) rippings in combination {[test CD]+[CD ripper]+[CD ripping mode]+[CD drive]}

Need consider possible byte offset between original WAVs and ripped ones.
If the offset present need superpose original and ripped WAV files.

For superposing refer to identical binary sequences of audio data. I.e. found identical binary sequences in original and ripped WAV files and shift compared binary content to match the sequences.


As begin of track considered begin of original WAV.


3. Comparing results of the tests

Results compared for each test CD.

As integral mark of the tested [CD ripper + CD ripping mode + CD drive] used average by different CD.

Resume of test made by comparison of integral mark of CD rippers.


Yuri Korzunov,
Audiophile Inventory's developer
21 May 2016


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