Audiophile Inventory ConverteR 48x44 - is professional precision software sampling rate converter (44.1/48/88.2/96/174.6/192 kHz) for lossless and other (using external command line encoders) audio files.

The original algorithms developed as a result of long-term theoretical researches and numerous experiments, have allowed to minimize a level of distortions (artefacts) and losses for not multiple converting sample rates (as example, 48 to 44.1 kHz).

In development time measures of quality this program were:

1. The minimal level of noise/artefacts/parasitic components in output file, lower then theoretical threshold - noise of quantization (depending on the bit resolution of sample).

2. Quality of subjective perception transformed files by experts.

3. Simple and intuitively clear interface.

Version history

Latest changes look here


1. Supporting cue+audio files bundle.

2. Released search by sample rate, bit depth for wav, flac, aiff, mp3 (for version PROduce-R).

3. Fixed several minor bugs.


1. For CD ripping at Mac metatags filled by CD name and songs names and track numbers.


1. CD ripping for Windows supported.

2. Extended number of logged events of convertation.


1. Converting ac3 and dts (stereo and multichannel) .


1. Fixed troubles with national encodings for file names.


1. Support metatags for WAV, FLAC, AIFF.

2. Capability CD-ripping for Mac OS X (direct open AIFF/sowt files on CD disk).


1. Fixed wav chunks processing bug.

2. Changed windows version directory structure.

3. Changed filename extentions_out.ini to extensions_out.ini and its parameters renamed ...extentions... to ...extensions... .


1. Decreased noise level of dithering.

2. Added user control of mask intensity of dithering.


1. Supporting input file extention "*.aif".


1. Added adaptive dithering.

2. Fixed dithering minor bug.

3. Fixed encoding trouble for file path with non-english simbols.


1. Support flac tags.

2. No pre-ringing filter algorithms.

3. New resampling level overload protect algorithms.


1. Appear buil-in support flac and aiff.

2. Optimized filter algorithms.

3. Appear MAC OS X (64-bit) version.


1. Level of noise of conversion is decreased to 20 dB (now better -161 dB for input signal level 0 dB).

2. Allowed additional skins (for PRO Lite and PRO).

3. Allowed dither for next modes:

- input file have bit-depth 16 bit;

- output file have bit-depth 16 bit.


Only for PRO and PRO Lite versions:

1. Added support 64-bit WAV format (RF64) for files when the length exceeds 4 GB for input and output files.


1. At coincidence of names of source and output files (in list of source files), output files will removed.

Only for PRO version:

2. Added command line control.

3. Added support of extensible WAV-file's format: WAV for sampler instruments, BWF (Broadcast Wave Format), etc.

4. Added support WAV bit-depth 32- and 64-bit integer.

5. Added support of user's custom formats of output files (mp3, ogg, etc.).

6. Allow copy directories tree.


1. Fixed bug open/add directory with flac and aiff files.

2. Progressbars of files processing have now filename hints (mouse hover).

3. On program start restore last settings of user interface widgets.

4. Show message about end processing (may be on/off).

5. Fixed some troubles of work with temporary files.


1. Add Multi-CPU and multicore-CPU support for batch converting.

2. Performance of each file's processing improved.


1. Fix bug of converting large files.

2. Fix reset bitdepth to "16 bit" for changing output file format.

1. Fix bug (fill file list) of canceling open directory.

1. Was improved precision of level's auto scale.

1. Support FLAC and AIFF file's formats.

2. Dithering support.

The first release.