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HD Audio Converter for Audiophile Music Server

Every year volume of downloadable high resolution digital audio are growing.

At our home we amass a huge media libraries on music servers.

We need converting music formats and resolution for:

- compatibility with DAC and players,

- cuting down disk space occupied music

- etc.


What is audio file format converter software for audiophile music servers and streamers?

Main requirement to the converters is pure sound with minimum distortions.


Audiophile ( professional ) conversion utilities on the market has:

- low level of noise,

- in-built dithering,

- minimum phase filter.


Dithering - method of audio transparency enhancement for 16 bit resolution converting.


Minimum phase filter (Analog mode) (of sampling rate conversion) - sound burn noise for digital sample rate conversion. Primarily you listen the (pre-sound) noise. After very short time appear sound. Conversion tool in this mode efficiently confine the pre-sound noise.


But high resolution audio converters have 3 troubles :

1. Restricted range of native output file formats

2. Noise of shifted ultrasound

3. Starting on Mac OS X via Win emulation software


Limited range of built-in output formats - HD downloadable music files have format (FLAC, WAV, AIFF). Usually high resolution and pro tools for conversion supply a restricted range of output formats. Don't supported other formats (wma, mp3, alac etc. ) (used for high resolution mobile audio devices: car and portable systems). Required additional manual audio converting of file with changed resolution to final format.


User of AuI Converter 48x44 able append necessary format of output files. Third-parties encoders can be connected via command line.


Noise of shifted ultrasound: shortcoming of audio devices cause ultarsound become audible as noise. Especially it might appear during playback HD (88/96/176/192 kHz) at high loudness power.


AuI Converter 48x44 reject noise of shifted ultrasound.


Launching on Mac with Windows emulation software - many engineers and audiophiles use Mac. Some high resolution audio conversion tools has Windows version only.


AuI Converter 48x44 application has version for Mac OS X.


Which can offers audiophile tools for resolution ( sampling rate and bit depth) conversion of lossless files with user friendly interface?


AuI ConverteR 48x44 - audio converter for music server

Read more about AuI ConverteR 48x44


About AuI ConverteR 48x44

Special design for high resolution conversion of lossless WAV, FLAC, AIFF files:

- 64-bit float all internal sound processing;

- conversion noise below noise of 24-bit quantisation;

- dithering algorithm for improving of transparency 16 bit converting (16 bit to 24 bit/32 bit, 24 bit/32 bit to 16 bit, 16 bit to 16 bit);

- sampling rate converting without pre-ringing at output. Like to analog processing audio (minimum phase filter mode);

- sampling rate converting without phase distortions. Fine for such sounds as drums, piano, guitar (linear phase filter mode).

Fixing noise of shifted ultrasound simultaneously with sample frequency conversion algorithm alphaC.

User customization of output files formats : after audio resolution conversion automatically runing command line encoders by third-parties developers. You can connect your encoders off one's own bat.


Video: Audio converter for audiophile music

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