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How Convert ISO to DSF, WAV, etc. without Clicks (Mac OS X and Windows)


For some 1-bit audio ISO images exists problem of clicks in extracted audio files. Below we consider how avoid clicks during ISO extracting under Mac OS X and Windows.

Clickless ISO to DSF conversion

Reasons of the clicks after ISO extraction


1. Non-zero levels at begin and end of album's tracks.

2. DC shifting in audio track.

3. Non-accurate ISO extraction.

Operas, live concerts, and same things is case #1. Here borders of tracks placed at random place of solid audio stream.

In case #2 some ISOs have DC shifting what continued thru all tracks.

DC bias for some ISO images

ISO DC bias

In the picture we see first track of album. Here DC bias is increased.

Next tracks hase constant DC bias.

In last track it decreased to zero.

If player able to gapless playback we have not troubles with the bias.


In case #3 for ISOs like case #1 and #2 must be extracted accuratelly for gapless (clickless) transient between tracks.

sacd_extract utility during ISO to DSF conversion lose last underflows audio data block from each track. It lead to bursts in solid audio stream in ISO's album tracks.

We can see the bursts as splashes at sonogramm (or "waterfall", time-frequency diagram of audio signal). Splashes appear in places of tracks borders.

Click (splash on spectrum) without gapless conversion
(spectrum of two merged files)

Clickless ISO conversion

When source audio files (WAV, FLAC, DSF, DFF,...) from album resampled not as solid stream we get also irregularity on spectrum due ringing artefacts.


On the picture showed True Gapless Mode switch of audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44.

For conversion all album's files as solid stream need True Gapless Mode switch turn ON.


Audio converter DFF to DSF Mac OS X, Windows

AuI ConverteR 48x44 download free

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Output DSF supported in maximal PROduce-RD and configurable Modula-R
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How extract ISO without clicks

When extracting ISO to DFF audio files, we get all audio blocks for each track. Thus we get solid audio stream.

But with DFF we get problem of keeping metadata (song name, album, performer, year,...) from ISO. DFF don't support metadata.

Convert ISO to DSF with underflows blocks and metadata