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New AuI ConverteR 48x44 4.1.2. Fixed some bugs reading AIFF and id3 tags


Released new high resolution audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44 v. 4.1.2. Fixed several bugs of reading native AIFF metatags and added advance reading id3 metatags.

Audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44 v.4.1.2

Download HD audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44 FREE for high resolution music
WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, (1-bit audio) ISO, DFF, DSF, WMA, mp3, CD-audio...

WARNING: DSF, DFF is supported in maximal PROduce-RD and configurable Modula-R
FREE demo mute 2 second silence in the output middle of ISO tracks, DSF, DFF
with length more 3 minutes

Meta tags id3 v.2.4 has special format of storing miltibyte numbers. id3 metatag consists several frames (text, artworks).

Some software store frame size (4 byte) as usual number. It lead to errors of reading text and artworks content of frames

Now AuI ConverteR 48x44 able auto detect type storing of frame size (for most cases).

If you found some troubles with meta tags contact us, please.


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