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DFF File Extension [Audio, 3D Object Model]


DFF file (.dff extension) have 2 types: DSD-audio and 3D (three-dimencial) object model.



.DFF audio file


.dff file (Direct Stream Digital Interchange File Format, DSDIFF) contains DSD audio stream (1-bit resolution, sample rates from 2.8 MHz). It is used for high-resolution music software and hardware. One bit DSD recording format is an alternative to multibit PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) format audio.

Also exists alternative DSD container - DSF file. Both format may be converted lossless (DFF to DSF) and (DSF to DFF).

.dff format was developed for professional applications primarily.

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.DFF file (3D model)


.dff file contains RenderWare three-dimencial graphic model of an object (geometry and materials). It is used by Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software systems and computer games.



.dff file (DSDIFF) specification



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