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How to report about bugs

How to save and send log filesHow to clear log file

You can report about bugs here

Even if you use free version only, report about any troubles, please.

What need for better understanding: operation system, AuI ConverteR's edition (Lite, Audiophil-E, PROduce-R, PROduce-RD, Modula-R), version number (see title of main window of AuI ConverteR).

Also (for crashes, troubles of codecs or conersions, or other) desirable to send log files of AuI ConverteR 48x44.

How to save and send log files

1. At upper left part of main window click Log tab.

The Log tab contains short part of the full log file only. Recommended send full log file to developers as described below.

2. In the bottom of the Log tab click Save log... button.

3. Select directory for saving log files and click Open button.

Log file LogFile.html (there are 2 files: "LogFile.html" and "~LogFile.html" if exists last one) will saved in selected directory.

4. Send us both these log files ("LogFile.html" and "~LogFile.html"). If it is possible, compress (zip, 7z, rar) these files for size reducing.

How to clear log file

Before clearing the log file, recommended save current log for possible request by developers for deeper researches.

1. At upper left part of main window click Log tab.

2. In the bottom of the Log tab click Clear log files button.

If you can't start AuI ConverteR

You can manually copy files "LogFile.html" and "~LogFile.html" from directory:

For Windows (hidden directory)

<REPLACE TO LETTER DISK WITH WINDOWS>:\Users\<REPLACE TO YOUR WINDOWS USER NAME>\AppData\Local\com.audiophile-inventory\AuIConverteR48x44\Logs

Example (Windows placed on disk C:, current user name is Alex):


For Mac OS X (hidden directory)

/Users/<REPLACE TO YOUR MAC’s USER NAME>/Library/Application Support/com.audiophile-inventory/AuIConverteR48x44/Logs

Example (current user name is Alex):

/Users/Alex/Library/Application Support/com.audiophile-inventory/AuIConverteR48x44/Logs