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About Us - Audiophile Inventory

Audiophile Inventory - audio software for studio and home


We think about sound quality. You just work with music.


What We Do

Audiophile Inventory creates audio software for music production and discerning music lovers.

Our AuI ConverteR program is an HD audio application that optimizes audio files for different music devices and software: digital audio players, mobile phones, music servers, DAW, and others. The software is intended for recording studios, online download stores, streaming services, and people who look for high sound quality.

We believe that audio conversion should be simple, qualitative, and maximally preserve sound quality. And, work with the converter software should be transparent for the customers.


Who We Are

The Audiophile Inventory project was created in 2007 by Yuri Korzunov, signal-processing developer, musician, and author of articles that make audio easy for beginners.

Our values

  • Audio quality in the first place.
  • Creative approach to sound processing.
  • An effective response to end-user inquiries.


Why We Do It


"Development of music software was my dream.
Once, I found that the audio-converter market requires new ideas for modern times. And, a fresh look is needed there.

What was there? New audio file formats, like DSD, gained wider popularity. Some kit of standard functionality.

Audio converters offer a lot of settings. And, judging by online discussions, I understood that excessive settings are sophisticated enough for practical experience."

- Yuri Korzunov - Founder, Audiophile Inventory



As a perfectionist, Yuri wanted to create a new reference product that carefully works with sound and is easy to use.


"Hours, days, months, years were spent and spends on sound-quality improvement.
Several conversion-method generations had been passed through to find better and better sound quality."

- Yuri Korzunov - Founder, Audiophile Inventory



What we implemented in the converter software design

  • [alphaC technology] Audio optimization for clearer sound on some equipment.
  • [alphaS technology] Low distortions when music is converted from/to DSD files.
  • [safeR technology] CD ripper keeps the full sound quality of compact disks and tries to find and recover damaged tracks.
  • [trueG technology] To maximally keep converted-album quality, we designed True Gapless Conversion technology.
  • Minimum settings. Our customers get several conversion options that we already adjusted by quality the best way we can.
  • and others.

Now AuI ConverteR is the world’s top-class audio file converter and ripping software.

Feedback from our customers encourages us.



Get started with a careful approach to sound!