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Audio Basis - Educational articles


For those who want to look into what caused audio myths

Audio Basis is series of educational articles by Audiophile Inventory for learning of bases of digital audio processing and audio devices by practical audio developer.

Intended for people who want to learn more about audio but have no special knowledges and/or education.

Audio Basis intended for audiophiles, music producers, sound producers, students and other people.

When you purchase AuI ConverteR 48x44, you help to support this educational project.

DSD format >PCM format >Lossless >Sample rate >Bit depth >Digital filters >General processing issues >CD ripping >Tests >Ultrasound >Prospectives of audio >Power supply >DAC >Audio Physics for Beginners >Music production >

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DSD format


PCM format




Sample rate


Bit depth


Digital filters


General processing issues


CD ripping






Prospectives of audio


Power supply




Audio Physics for Beginners


Music Production



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