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Audio Basis - How Audio Works [Articles 2024]

Audio Basis -  series of audio articles

Audio Basis is series of articles by Audiophile Inventory about digital audio processing and audio devices. It's add-on to user manual.


DSD format > PCM format > Lossless > Sample rate > Bit depth > Digital filters > General processing issues > CD ripping > Sound quality > Tests > Ultrasound > Power supply > DAC > Loudspeakers > Audio Physics for Beginners > Music production > Wireless technologies > Audiophile sites > How to convert audio >


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DSD format

Articles about DSD audio
Articles about DSF audio file format
Articles about DFF audio file format
Articles about SACD ISO audio file format
DSD music downloads


PCM format

Articles about PCM audio
Articles about WAV audio format
Articles about FLAC audio format
Where to download high-resolution audio



Articles about lossless audio


Sample rate


Bit depth


Digital filters


General processing issues


CD ripping

Articles about CD ripping


Sound quality

Articles about sound quality






Power supply






Articles about loudspeakers


Audio physics for beginners


Music production


Wireless technologies


Audiophile sites


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