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AuI ConverteR 48x44 is intended for high-qualitative conversion of audio compact disks to music files in popular formats.

The program is safe CD ripper software with deep error control. AuI ConverteR informs you about found errors and what is done with them.

If the error is found, the ripping program try to recover damaged data and display found error locations on CD-track timeline. Read details below.


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AuI ConverteR has several price/functionality options that allow saving your budget for the required functionality. You can expand Modula-R abilities later by purchasing new modules. Unlimited-time license, major updates (... 10.x > 11.x > 12.x > ... versions) are paid.

WARNING: Modula-R modules (parts of AuI ConverteR’s functionality) are NOT compatible with Free version.
ADD-ON modules work with certain CORE modules only (see details).
The module is license key received in order email. To activate module functionality, enter its key in Modula-R executable.
All "Modula-R" modules together have "PROduce-RD"'s abilities.
Full-featured "PROduce-RD" version is like a discount on price of full module kit of "Modula-R" version.

To expand functionality, module(s) (compatible with purchased major version number) may be ordered separately.
Modula-R license cannot be replaced with PROduce-RD.

* All prices on this page are in U.S. dollars without V.A.T. and other applicable taxes and fees. The prices are recommended. Information on this page is not a public offer.




AuI ConverteR's primary purpose is minimization of distortions during resolution conversion of audio files.


Target audio devices


AuI ConverteR used to adjust audio file format to playback on:

  • audiophile portable digital audio players,
  • media servers,
  • computer audio,
  • hi-end car audio,
  • mobile phones,
  • other audiophile devices and software.


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Safe CD audio data reading

  • Reading method that provide more safe reading from CD than ordinary reading


Deep error control

  • Detect damaged bytes by error codes directly from CD
  • Applying complex binary audio stream processing
    detected errors, several times readings and comparing binary content


Displaying CD's audio stream errors

  • Led indicate fatal or only probably recovered error via different colors.
  • In error log table showed damaged tracks and its errors.
  • For damaged track error locations on time axis are shown.


Recovering of damaged audio stream bytes

  • Some damaged (not recovered by builtin CD processing) bytes can be recovered by CD's audio stream processing
    with unknown probability of correct restoring.
  • It give chance to get audio file from seriously damaged rare CDs.







  • Bit-perfect ripping ability
    to rip audio CD's binary content as is (except damaged data).
  • Studio quality of audio processing
  • Auto loudness normalization and manual gain control
    maximization to 0 dB of output peak levels without distortions.
  • Seamless album conversion
    to converst albums without silence at borders (operas, live concerts, symphony,...)
  • Indication preemphasis of CD tracks

Remark: Some old CDs recorded with special pre-distortions of amplitude response.
CD player can restore track amplitude response to original by special pre-emphasis flag on CD.
After unproper copying CD can lost the flac.
Currently AuI ConverteR don't restore pre-emphasis.
In error log table showed pre-emphasis for tracks with it.






Metadata of a music file is an information about performer, album, track names, artworks, others.