Visual CD Rip Error Display [AuI ConverteR Tutorial]
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Visual CD Rip Error Display [AuI ConverteR Tutorial]

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Visual CD ripper error display is the panel that shows probably incorrect or corrected data location scores on the timeline of the ripped file. Also these data are shown in the table.



After ripping with detected errors in AuI ConverteR's main window > Log tab, CD ripping error table appears.


CD ripping errors

CD rip errors


Each row of the table shows generalized information by ripped CD track.

Under table led display what kind of errors is detected:

red - probably fatal (at least one for all tracks);

amber - probably recovered (at least one for all tracks, but without fatal errors).

See "Error types" below.

CD ripping error displaying under Mac and Windows

CD ripping error displaying under Mac and Windows

After click on the table row, the visual track error panel (visual CD rip error display) appears.


Visual CD rip error display

Visual CD rip error display


At the upper part of the panel, the timeline of the track is shown.

Under the timeline, the table with detected errors (with precision to byte) is shown.

There is an error-number limitation for the display to save program memory. Therefore, there may be other errors, that are not displayed.

Fatal errors don't mean, that audio data damage is audible or visible. Fatal error means different audio data during multiple re-readings of track fragments during safe CD-ripping.

Click on table column header sort rows by the column value. Next click sort in inverse order.

"<< Begin" button move table cursor to the first row.

"End >>" button move the table cursor to the last row.

The vertical light grey line at the time line show time location of the error, described into current row.


Error types

Fatal error is unrecovered error. AuI ConverteR software consider the ripped audio-data byte as damaged. Can cause audible interruptions, clicks.

Probably recovered error is error that looks like for AuI ConverteR as recovered. Can cause audible interruptions and clicks. But, as rule, have no audible issues.

It's need to remember, that CD drive detect and recover errors inside. Both broken and recovered errors may be marked by C2 flags.

In safe ripping mode, AuI ConverteR makes multiple reading of CD and analyze audio-data content, C2 flags and other reading errors. After the analyzis, AuI ConverteR try recover audio data (if it's considered as possible).

In fast CD-ripper mode, errors also may be detected and displayed (after simplified analyzis), but without recovering attempt.


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