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How to Rip SACD Optical Disc [2024]

How to rip SACD



Optical discs has limitation in playback tools. It is important for mobile use especially. DAPs, smartphones give us convinience to listen to music anywhere. But they play only .dsf and .dff files. Read review what format is SACD DSD, how to rip SACD (Super Audio CD) optical disc to computer files. Keep reading about DSD extraction.


Author: Yuri Korzunov,
Audiophile Inventory's developer with 25+ year experience in digital signal processing,
author of the articles that make audio easy for beginners







Before read below watch and share: How to Convert SACD ISO to DSF/DFF
video: How to convert ISO to DSD files



DISCLAIMER: The author doesn't review legal aspects. It may depend on country. Here common technical issues are reviewed.



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What is SACD

SACD is physical optical disc with stereo and/or multichannel audio content in DSD format.

Note: SACD ISO is an audio file that contains image of SACD optical disc.

Playback SACD on computer, mobile phone or portable digital audio player is impossible in the most cases (read details below). So, SACD ripping to computer files may solve the issue.

Hybrid SACDs includes 2 layers: DSD and CD. CD-layer (16 bit / 44.1 kHz) can be ripped with usual CD ripper software.



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How to rip SACD to DSD

Note: Any computer Blu-Ray/DVD/CD drive [USB/SATA/IDE] is not capable to read SACD optical disc. Keep reading and see links below where the required equipment is described in details.

Optical SACD disc ripping cannot be extracted on an ordinary CD/DVD drive of a computer. This process requires special hardware to read a Super Audio CD. In instance, Blue-Ray players including MediaTek chipset may be used (Sony BDV-E190, BDP-S390, BDP-S490, BDP-S590/BX59, Pioneer BDP-80FD, BDP-160, BDP-170, Oppo BDP-103/103D, BDP-105/105D, Cambridge Azur 752BD, Arcam FMJ UDP411 and others). About the equipment you can read below by links in "SACD ripping ways" part below.

In instance, certain type of PS3 console or digital media player may be used as the apparatus part. No warranty that Blu-Ray player will rip Super Audio CD. Only certain models of only certain media players are capable to it.

Also, a computer with installed software is required.

For ripping SACD optical disc to DSD, the hardware is used in connection with sacd_extract utility. It may be configured for the extraction via command line parameters (example: network address, port). Read about software and hardware configuration below in "SACD ripping ways" part.



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Sound quality of SACD ripping

The ripped Direct Stream Digital audio may be saved as .iso (SACD ISO) or .dsf/.dff files. DFF files may cause issues with metadata (atrist, album, song name, etc.).

DSD files obtained by the ripping may cause issues with clicks/pops, long path names and others. If using ripping software can't solve these issues, ripping to SACD ISO (.iso) files is recommended.
After it, ISO to DSD (DSF or DFF) file conversion may be applied...



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SACD ripping ways

Below you can read about SACD ripping software and methods.


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