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DSD files [Audio Formats, Sound Quality, Infographic]

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DSD files are audio files that contains high resolution 1-bit audio data in Direct Stream Digital format. Read about formats and its comparison, sound quality, size compression, how to work DSD and other.

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File formats and comparison

Read main article about DSD vs DSF vs DFF comparison >


DSD files - DFF vs DSF vs SACD ISO


Radial bands on DSD file format sector show its functionality.


Sound quality

Sound quality of different DSD audio file formats is the same. All these fotmats are lossless. I.e. they store audio stream without losses.


Size compression

Size compression is implemented in DFF and SACD ISO format only (DST [Direct Stream Transfer] compression method). The compression quality is lossless.


How to works DSD

DSD is format based on 1-bit sigma delta modulation.

In short, DSD is the same to PCM with bit depth reduced to 1.

But it cause high level of quantization noise.

To reduce the level noise shaping is used. It "push" the noise energy from audible frequency range to ultrasound.

To "pushing ability" frequency band shoul have band reverve at ultrasound frequency range. It is achieved via higher sample rate.

Noise shaper have feedback inside, that can cause broken stability of DSD modulator due input overload.

Read details how to work DSD >


Free DSD downloads

Audio samples, DSD free music and test signal downloads:

  1. Demo tracks #1
  2. Demo tracks #2
  3. Test simple signals



DSD software

It is players, converters, editors.

A player software are distinguished by supported file formats, program interface with DAC, functionality, quality of DSD processing.

A converter and editor software can support different formats, functionality and have various DSD processing quality.

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DSD audio files


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