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DSD downloads
Uncover the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) downloads and take your music listening experience to new heights. Explore the remarkable sound quality and lifelike intricacies of DSD, capturing each subtle nuance and instrument with breathtaking realism. This comprehensive guide takes you on a journey through online platforms, dedicated stores, music labels, and other websites where you can find the finest DSD downloads. Unleash the true potential of your audio setup and indulge in the magic of DSD today. Elevate your music, enhance your enjoyment, and embark on a sonic adventure like never before.

Author: Yuri Korzunov,
Audiophile Inventory's developer with 25+ year experience in digital signal processing,
author of the articles that make audio easy for beginners



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The lists on the page include file formats and other details sourced from websites at the time of publication. Please note that these details are subject to potential changes or removal over time. We have featured only those sites that, in our view, appear to be legitimate, but we cannot guarantee this. This publication is not an endorsement or solicitation. Our website is not associated with the listed sites, and we are not responsible for their content and sound quality or any other aspects.


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Top 5 DSD download stores

Below you'll find our top 5 DSD download stores where you can buy high-quality recordings (in alphabetical order).


Top 5 DSD download websites (click for enlarge, see details below)
Top 5 DSD download websites


  1. 2L

    2L The Nordic Sound audio downloads

    2L, a Norwegian record label with online store, specializes in classical and jazz music. They offer high-quality audio DSD formats up to fs256. Their goal is to capture the core of the music through collaboration with composers and musicians, prioritizing an experience over a mere replication of a live concert situation. 2L's music showcases Norwegian composers and performers while also encompassing an international repertoire with a Nordic ambiance. Their immersive recordings push the boundaries of traditional music composition and performance. Their work has garnered 43 Grammy nominations since 2006.
    Genre: classical.

  2. Blue Coast Records
    Blue Coast Records music downloads
    Blue Coast Records is the go-to recording label catered specifically to audiophiles, placing utmost importance on delivering unrivaled sound quality. Expertly blending traditional recording techniques with cutting-edge technologies, they have mastered the art of creating a truly immersive auditory experience. At Blue Coast Records, their groundbreaking ESE (Extended Sound Environment) surround audio recording method sets them apart from the rest. At their website you can discover a qualitative DSD downloads, including formats like DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 (11.2 MHz), and beyond.
    Genre: acoustic, americana, jazz, folk, pop, new age.
  3. HDtracks

    HDtracks digital audio downloads

    HDtracks stands as a prominent online music vendor catering to audiophiles and music connoisseurs. They provide a wide array of high-resolution music downloads in DSD (2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz) formats. HDtracks encompasses an extensive collection of music across various genres and from popular artists. Customers can easily navigate the user-friendly interface to sample tracks before making a purchase, ensuring a convenient and informed buying experience.
    Genres: classical, disco, jazz, pop, rock, others.

  4. NativeDSD
    NativeDSD audio downloads
    Experience the NativeDSD, where a vast catalog of musical albums awaits. Immerse yourself in the pure realm of pristine DSD audio downloads, ranging from DSD 64 to DSD 1024. Discover the exquisite world of Direct Stream Digital files, available in stereo and multichannel formats. Remarkably, NativeDSD offers a considerable selection of albums that may not be easily found on SACD.
    Genres: acoustic, alternative, ambient, classical, big band, blues, chamber, jazz, guitar, choir, country, electronic, ethnic, funk, indie, new age, pop, and others.
  5. ProStudioMasters

    ProStudioMasters purchase hi-res downloads

    ProStudioMasters is fine platform for discerning music enthusiasts. Explore their extensive collection of hi-res studio master recordings sourced directly from renowned major labels and independent record labels. ProStudioMasters takes pride in curating a catalogue where the music never originates from other digital sources. Immerse yourself in high-resolution audio downloads, including stunning DSD up to fs256. Notably, all recordings are DRM-free, granting listeners the freedom to fully appreciate the true essence of their music.
    Genres: alternative, jazz, pop, rock and other tracks


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Where you can buy DSD audio albums?

You can buy audio files in various formats at these online stores.

  1. Audiophile Music
    The Audiophile Music online store sales multiple record labels. There you can purchase audio downloads up to fs x 512, and SACD.
    Genres: acoustic, classical, jazz, guitar, pop, super bass, rock, folk, world, piano, test, and others.
  2. Bruce Springsteen
    Official website of Bruce Springsteen.
    Genre: rock.
  3. Channel Classics Records
    Channel Classics Records is webshop specializing in classical, contemporary music, and jazz. The label offers collection DSD audio files in DSD 64, DSD 128, and DSD 256 formats.
    Genre: classical.
  4. Chasing the Dragon
    Chasing the Dragon present collection of audiophile recordings in their original resolutions: DSD 64, DSD 128. Also, binaural recordings are available.
    Genres: classical, jazz, piano, pop.
  5. Dr.Z's Test CD
    DSD audio file downloads.
    Genre: test.
  6. DSD Master
    DSD sample downloads.
    Genre: various.
  7. High Definition Tape Transfers
    Recording store. DSD64/128/256 and other sound formats are available.
    Genres: classical, jazz.
  8. Highresaudio
    The online store of high quality downloads. The website provides .dsf files in DSD64, DSD128, DSD256.
    Genres: grunge, indie rock, blues, classical, easy listening, instrumental, jazz, new age, pop, and others.
  9. Hi Fi track
    High-resolution music shop that offers audio in different format including "Direct studio master".
    Genres: pop, rock, new age, jazz, and others.
  10. Gumroad | Serieril
    Wechseldominante's owner offers DSD64, DSD256 files.
    Genres: piano, instrumental.
  11. MIR Creation
    Production and online delivery entity that provides DSD downloads.
    Genres: acoustic, vocal, jazz, instrumental.
  12. Mora
    Online store of recordings. Audio files up to DSD256 are provided.
    Genres: jazz, classical, j-pop.
     Online service with professionally recorded live music in DSD audio format.
    Genres: indie rock, americana, bluegrass, blues, classic rock, country, electronic, jazz, pop, rap, hip-hop, reggae, and others
  14. Ototoy
    DSD online record store with sound files with sampling rate up to DSD fsx256.
    Genres: pop, classical, alternative, experimental, piano, house, hip-hop, folk, organic, easy listening, and others.
  15. The Spirit of Turtle
    Music platform for high-resolution audio for audiophiles: DSD64/128/256 (2.0 and 5.1), surround, 3D-spatial sound formats.
  16. SONY
    High-resolution audio including DSD downloads by SONY.
  17. trptk
    DSD albums DSD64/128/256


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To sum up, the world of DSD downloads offers a wide range of options for audiophiles to explore when it comes to expanding their music collections. In this guide, we have explored different platforms and sources that allow you to acquire high-quality DSD downloads.

Online platforms dedicated to DSD downloads provide a convenient way to access a vast library of DSD music, offering a diverse selection. High-resolution music platforms have also contributed to the availability of DSD downloads, connecting you with a wider network of artists and labels.

Music labels play an important role in the DSD landscape, with specialized labels leading the way in providing top-notch DSD releases. Exploring these labels can help you discover hidden gems and unique musical experiences tailored for audiophiles.

Additionally, don't overlook the availability of free and legal DSD downloads. Various websites and communities provide access to sample tracks and test files, offering a chance to explore DSD without any financial commitment. These sources can be valuable for evaluating the potential of DSD in your audio setup.

Lastly, engaging with audiophile forums and communities can provide valuable insights and recommendations. By sharing experiences and discussing the latest DSD releases, you can enhance your exploration and understanding of this captivating format.

In summary, whether you choose to explore dedicated DSD download stores, high-resolution music platforms, specialized labels, independent artists, free sources, or engage with audiophile communities, there is a multitude of options available for purchasing DSD downloads. Embrace the world of DSD and let its phenomenal sound quality elevate your music listening experience. It's time to embark on a new sonic adventure with DSD.


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