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Free DSD Music Downloads [Long Website List 2021]

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yuri korzunovSee long list of DSD free music downloads (hi-res Direct Stream Digital audio files), hi-fi recording stores, stereo / multichannel; where download DSD64 (2.8 MHz), DSD128 (5.6 MHz), DSD256 (11.2 MHz), DSD512 (22.5 MHz) audio samples for music lovers; what's DSF, DFF, SACD; FAQ and what sound quality better FLAC or DSD. Author: audiophile software developer Yuri Korzunov.

Watch and share: DSD vs FLAC comparison

Watch and share: What is DSD audio? Video explanation

Where can I download DSD music for free and paid?

DSD music downloads

If you are interested where to download free and paid DSD audiophile music, look at the table.

WARNING: Noted in the table file formats and other details were found at the sites at the time of publication. It can disappear or be changed with time.
We publish here only sites, that look legal in our opinion. But we don't guarantee it.
It is not advertising or offer. Our site is not affiliated with listed sites (except Audiophile Inventory, of course). We are not responsible for listed resources, quality of distributed records and others.

Site Description DSD music free download links
2L Norwegian audiophile label. At the site link to the musical store, where DSD 2.8, 5.6 and 11.2 MHz and other file formats for audiophiles DSD music free downloads
Acoustic Sounds Super Hirez Audio recording store to buy optical SACD disks  
Audiophile Inventory Free test signal samples in DSF format Free downloads
Blue Coast Records Audiophile recording label and store, where DSD 64, DSD 128, DSD 256 (11.2 MHz) and other formats for music lovers who care about sound quality

Download music free online

DSD demo music download free link #2 (it needs to register)

Site Description DSD music free download links
Bruce Springsteen Live Bruce Springsteen site  
Channel Classics Records Recording label. In the store DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and other audiophile formats  
Chasing the Dragon DSD 64, 128  
Cybele Records Recording label, store  
Downloads NOW! Music reseller. D64, D128, D256 and other hi-res formats  
Design w Sound Blog  
Dr.Z's Test CD DSD audio files DSD music file store  
DSD Master DSD samples  
Online musical store with hi-res sound formats
HDtracks The big online store of high definition music in DSD (up to DSD512), DXD, stereo, multichannel  
High Definition Tape Transfers Recording store. DSD64/128/256 and other audio formats are available  
Highresaudio The online store of hi-res recordings. The site provides .dsf files in D64, D128, D256  
Hifi Statement   Free DSD64, DSD128, DSD256
Hi Fi track High quality music store  
Gumroad | Serieril DSD64, DSD256  
MIR Creation DSD64  
Mora Online musical recording store  
NativeDSD Hi-Fi store: 64fs, 128fs, 256fs DSD and other, stereo and multichannel

Download DSD music free DSD64 sound quality  
Onkyo Audio recordings store  
Oppo Digital DSD download free musical samples Free downloads
Ototoy DSD music online store  
Pentatone See F.A.Q. (Downloading SA-CD)  
ProStudioMasters Online recording store. There are DSF files (2.8 and 5.6 MHz) are placed.  
The Spirit of Turtle D64/128/256 (2.0 and 5.1) and other sound formats  
SONY High-resolution audio including DSD downloads by SONY  
trptk DSD albums DSD64/128/256  
Wechseldominante Site of Japanese self-publishing music group DSD downloads free


DSD streaming

It is possible to listen DSD streaming.

Site Description Free trial
PrimeSeat DSD streaming service Some free content is available

Look at other hi-res streaming...


DSD software for audio



What is DSD music? How good is DSD audio?

What does DSD mean in music?

DSD is audiophile format of digital music recordings. DSD content is represented as:

  • audio files and
  • optical discs (SACD).

DSD file extensions: .dsf, .dff, .iso (SACD ISO - optical disc image).

SACD ISO file is ripped optical disc. How to rip it read here...

See also:

Read more about DSD...


Technical details: Is DSD better than FLAC? Is DSD better than CD? Is PCM better than DSD?

DSD has bit depth 1-bit.

DSD file supports sample rates: DSD 64, DSD 128, DSD 256, DSD 512, DSD 1024, ... More number more sample rate.

If compare DSD and FLAC, providing 16 bit and more, or mp3 or CD audio, it seems that multibit sound formats provide better sound quality than 1-bit audio samples.

However, extremely high DSD sampling rates allows providing tricks, that provides sound quality like 24- or 32-bit.

It is potential sound quality that depends on used DAW or converting utilities, recording and playback equipment. Electronic circuits and processing algorithms causes lesser or more distortions.

Thus, we can suggest approximately that:

Approximate comparison DSD, FLAC, mp3, CD audio
(depending on implementation of a DSD system)

Audio format DSD distortions
mp3, CD audio, FLAC 16bit DSD64 is better
FLAC 24 bit DSD64 and DSD128
FLAC 32 bit DSD256 and above


Read more about comparison DSD and FLAC and other PCM...


Is DSD better than CD?

DSD appeared as CD development to bring higher resolution at that time. DSD allows slightly simplify DAC scheme theoretically. Also, DSD has no some issues with nonlinear distortions like R2R DAC. I.e., theoretically, DSD should give better sound quality than CD format.


The author suppose, that ultrasound playback is not target for this format development.


Sound quality of DSD downloads

In general, it is recommended to download hi-fi/hi-end music records with the maximal sample rate of your system. But it can't guarantee maximal sound quality though. Read details here >

Some people try to analyze audio files. Bandwidth is checked in most cases. But the width may be defined by used audio tools. And band limitation is not an unambiguous sign of upsampling from CD, as an example.

DSD resampling quality (losses) depends on the used converter. Technically, these losses like PCM resampling losses. If you use a professional resampler you can don't worry about it in general.

If original studio master in PCM, you have two options:

  • purchase DSD copy;
  • purchase PCM and convert it to DSD via your converter software, which should provide a low distortion level.

The second way may be preferable if you are sure that your converter is the same or better than a studio one.


The most recommended format is DSF file downloads. Because the format can contain metadata, including artworks, standard way. DSF files have lesser compatibility issues with hardware and software, as rule.

DFF files may be recommended to provide compatibility with some professional software and equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSD music?

DSD music is computer audio files in Direct Stream Digital format. This format consumes significant hard disk space and is intended for music lovers, primarily. Read details below.


What is the difference between PCM and DSD?

DSD is the same PCM, but bit depth is 1 bit. To achieve appropriate noise floor comparing PCM, some technical decisions are used.

Read details...


What is DSD music format?

DSD music format is an audiophile format, that solves issues of 16 bit/44.1 kHz CD resolution. This music format is available in DSF, DFF, SACD ISO files. Read details...


What is a DSD download?

DSD downloads, primarily, are audio files in .dsf, .dff, .iso (SACD ISO) formats. They are intended for lovers of high sound quality. See download list...

What is DSD music file?

DSD audio files are files, that capable of contains DSD audio content: DSF, DFF, SACD ISO and DoP FLAC, WAV, etc. Read details here...


Can you download DSD files? Where do I get DSD music files?

You can download DSD files at these sites...


Is DSD better than FLAC? Does DSD sound better than FLAC?

No single answer to the question.

Theoretically, DSD system is simpler, that FLAC (PCM) one. So, lesser distortions are there.

Actual sound quality depends on recording and playback music system.

Read about comparison DSD and FLAC...


Is DXD better than DSD?

DXD is PCM format, that intended to DSD editing. As rule, DSD is converted to DXD. Such kind of conversion causes losses, that rely on sound quality of audio conversion software. As we noted above, DXD is ordinary PCM format with sampling rate 352/705 kHz and bit depth 24 or 32 bit.

Both DSD and DXD formats have as advantages as disadvantages. So, given recording and audio system makes audio quality.

Read DSD vs PCM...



MQA is not DSD. It is compression method for PCM audio.

Read more about audio formats...


Is there anything better than FLAC? Is FLAC really worth it?

FLAC is lossless format. It's equivalent is other lossless format only.

Lossy formats with bitrates 256 kbps and above have sounding very close to lossless original. But mp3 supports 44.1 and 48 kHz sampling rates. So,  aac is more recommended than mp3 due to wider range of the rates.
But, you can't convert lossy format to lossless original, if found issues.

Conversion between FLAC to/from DSD is lossy. But, DSD may have lesser distortions at your playback system. Also, opposite variant is possible at other musical system. Sampling rate and bit depth may be matter. Higher DSD discretization frequency allows achieving clearer audio signal. But, it varies from one unit/software to other one.

In both cases, backup of original files is recommended.


Can I convert FLAC to DSD?

Yes. You can convert FLAC to DSD. Read details here >


Is DSD better than mp3?

DSD is lossless audio format. mp3 is lossy format. Thus, DSD causes lesser distortions than mp3 and it is better for music lovers.

However, DSD consumes significantly more space at hard disk. It may cause lesser song number at mobile devices especially.

Read more about audio formats...


How do I convert mp3 to DSD?

Read how to convert mp3 to DSD files >

Remember, you can't improve sound quality of source audio stuff. But, in some cases, you can optimize audio resolution to your hifi DAC.


How do I convert DSD to mp3?

Read how to convert DSD to mp3 files >

Remember, DSD to mp3 file conversion causes audio quality losses. It has justification in the case of low HDD space of a sound file storage.


Are SACD worth it?

SACD is optical disk, that contains DSD musical tracks. Some disks are recorded in DSD format without editing.

Hi-Fi DSD system is simpler than PCM one, in theory. Thus, lesser distortions should be there. But, actually, many factors are there. And real PCM may sound better than Direct Stream Digital or vice versa.



What is the difference between DSD and DSF?

.dsf is file type that contains audio stuff coded in DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format.


Where can I find DSD music? How do I download DSD files? Where can I buy DSD music files?

See online DSD music downloads free and to buy at website list...


Is there a DSD streaming service?

See DSD streaming service...


Is DSD audio worth it? Is DSD good?

In the general case, DSD allows solving some issues of ADC and DAC analog filters on lower sampling rates. Potentially, it gives advantages of sound quality. But each case should be considered separately, because recording quality and audio system implementation does matter. Read details...


Is DSD the best audio format? What is the best format for audio quality?

Each audio format solves a number of certain issues. One format try keep the maximum sound quality. Other formats keep occupied space at hard disk. Third formats solve streaming issues, etc. So, audio format may be best for given target only.

DSD format tries to solve some issues of PCM format recording and playback. However, DSD has more sophisticated editing and may consume higher hard disk space comparing CD-audio, in instance.

Read more (it's recommended to read in order of the links):

  1. What is DSD
  2. DSD vs PCM DAC comparison
  3. DSD vs PCM
  4. What the best audio format


Which is better DSD or FLAC?

FLAC is PCM format. DSD can solve some their issues. But how it is solved depending on audio system' components.



Is DSD better than PCM? Is PCM better than DSD?

Only audio system implementation defines sound quality. Potentially, DSD gives some design advantages to achieve better sound quality.

It is necessary to remember, PCM DAC contains DSD modulator. This enables reduce non-linear distortions of R2R-matrix of a DAC.



Is DSD better than PCM? Which is better PCM or DSD?

Only audio system implementation defines sound quality. However, potentially, DSD gives some design advantages to achieve better sound quality. Read more...


Is SACD better than vinyl? Is DSD better than vinyl?

Vinyl is analog recording system. It adds additional engineering issues comparing digital ones.

However, specific "vinyl" distortions may be liked by some people.



Is there anything better than FLAC?

FLAC hase some limitations by sampling rate. Incteasing of this parameter makes it possible to reduce distortions of an audio system. Of course, no warranty is there.

In this case, you can use WAV or AIFF. If sound file size is more 4 Gbytes, WAV/RF64 is recommended.

Hoiwever, FLAC hase wider compatibility with musical devices.



What is the highest quality format for audio?

No single audio format what brings highest sound quality. Quality of recording and given audio system and its modes (resolution audio) are main factors, that provides sound quality.

Audio file can:

  • store resolution;
  • keep stored audio stuff without changes (lossless);
  • reduce size of the stored audio stuff.

So, lossless audio formats are the most recommended.

Read more:

  1. What is DSD
  2. What is PCM
  3. DSD vs PCM DAC comparison
  4. DSD vs PCM
  5. What the best audio format


What is DSF audio file?

Read DSF file quick guide here...


What is DFF audio file?

DFF file is one of DSD files. Its audio data content is identical to DSF by sound quality. Read DFF file details here...


What are DSD files?

DSD files (.dsf, .dff, .iso [sacd iso], DoP FLAC, WAV, others) are files, that contains DSD audio data. Read details...



SACD is optical disk containing DSD audio recordings. It's music in most cases. Read details...


Where can I download DSD music for free? Where can I get DSD audio (music) files?

See DSD music-file download site list...


Where can I download high-quality music for free?

See high-quality music download site list...


What is DSD256? What is DSD512?

DSD256 is sample rate 11.3 MHz=44100 Hz * 256;

DSD512 is sample rate 22.6 MHz=44100 Hz * 512. Read more...


What is the best audio quality?

Audio quality is defined distortion level and individual preferences. There is not single best audio quality for everybody.

In instance, some people prefer 44.1 kHz / 16 bit, because they don't listen difference with high resolution. Other people listen the difference and prefer high resolution. Third people choose DSD instead 24 bit / 96 kHz. Analog-sound lovers like vynil and/or tape because it causes "cosy" sound.

Read more:

  1. Does hi-res audio sound better?
  2. What is better DSD or PCM?
  3. What is better Analog or Digital sound?


What is the highest quality music format?

The highest quality music format is a one of lossless formats. DSD vs PCM, sampling rate, bit depth comparisons are not correct for common resume. Recording quality, audio unit design is primal factor.

Read more:

  1. What the best audio format?...
  2. DSD vs PCM...


Where can I find DSD example files?

See the list of free DSD example files for test your music system here...


Where can I download high-quality music for free? How can I download FLAC songs for free?

See the list of FLAC and other high-quality music for free download...


What is DSD music player for Windows?

See the list of DSD music players for Windows here...


Which is the best audio player for Windows 10?

See player-choice recommendations and the list of high-resolution music players for Windows here...


How can I play DSD files on my PC?

See list of DSD file players for PC...

Can Windows Media Player play DSD?

As far as the author knows, Windows Media Player doesn't support DSD files. You can look for alternative software...

Can iPhone play DSD files?

Check the list of DSD players for iOS...


What is DSD over PCM?

DSD over PCM (DoP) is DSD digital audio data packed as PCM to standard transmitting to a DAC. Read more...


Why does MQA sound better?

If MQA sound better for you, the author suppose, that it's your audio setup's matter or personal preference rather.

Recorded musical instruments and performance character may be relevant.

As the author know, MQA is not lossless and used apodizing filters are not ideal ones.

However, it is compression format specially designed for hifi applications and save traffic for audiophile streaming comparing FLAC.




Read more

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