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Free DSD music download websites
Explore the best of DSD music with our guide to free high-quality audio downloads. Discover sites offering a range of genres, from the intricate layers of classical to the soulful depths of jazz. Dive into the details of sound quality, compare formats like DSF, DFF, FLAC, SACD, mp3, and find answers in our FAQ. Start your sonic journey with us today.

Author: Yuri Korzunov,
Audiophile Inventory's developer with 25+ year experience in digital signal processing,
author of the articles that make audio easy for beginners
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Find below:

  • where to get free DSD high-resolution music downloads;
  • DSD 64 128 256 512 1024 (2.8 5.6 11.2 22.5 45.2 MHz) audio files, stereo, multichannel albums and samples for music lovers;
  • where to buy audiophile albums;
  • native playback of Direct Stream Digital;
  • what sound quality is better: mp3, WAV, MQA, FLAC. DXD or DSD and SACD;
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
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Top 5 of the best free DSD music download websites

Top-5 free DSD downloads

Look at Top-5 and long list of DSD audiophile music downloads as .dsf and .dff files. Check out where to get such sound files for free.

Disclaimer: Noted in the list file formats and other details were found at the sites at the time of publication. It can disappear or be changed with time.
We publish here only sites, that look legal in our opinion. But we don't guarantee it.
It is not advertising or offer. Our site is not affiliated with listed sites (except Audiophile Inventory). We are not responsible for the listed resources, their record quality, etc.


Now visit our top 5 of the best sites with free DSD file downloads [in alphabetical order].

  1. Audiophile Inventory
    Audiophile Inventory free audio downloads
    Audiophile Inventory creates top-level audio software for professionals. Additionally, they specialize in producing their own music within the electronic rock genre. Step into the realm of Audiophile Inventory, where you can explore a range of uniquemusic creations and HD audio samples. Visit their collection to access downloads of these free tracks, which are available in DSF format and feature sample rates DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512, and DSD1024.
    Genre: electronic rock, instrumental, test.
    Download free music samples and test files:
    DSF 2.8 MHz   DSF 5.6 MHz   DSF 11.2 MHz   DSF 22.6 MHz   DSF 45.2 MHz  Free DSFs
  2. Blue Coast Records
    Blue Coast Records music downloads
    Blue Coast Records is a recording label built for audiophiles. The label prioritizes exceptional sound quality. They skillfully merges classic recording techniques with cutting-edge technologies. The sounding of Blue Coast Records is crafted through a groundbreaking surround audio recording method called ESE (Extended Sound Environment). On their website, music enthusiasts can explore a free DSD downloads in DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 (11.2 MHz), and more.
    Genre: acoustic, americana, jazz, folk, pop, new age.
    Download music free online
    DSD demo download free link #2 (registering is required)
  3. Hifi Statement
    Hifi Statement music downloads
    Experience a world of audio with the online magazine. HiFiStatement Netmagazine is your gateway to complimentary Direct Stream Digital samples. Delve into a unique opportunity to indulge in high-fidelity music downloads in HD, featuring 384 kHz / 32-bit formats and DSD files up to DSD256. This platform granting listeners the chance to savour the richness of HD sound quality. You can gauge the nuanced differences across various hi-fi equipment, providing an immersive and insightful experience.
    Genre: jazz.
    Free DSD64, DSD128, DSD256
  4. NativeDSD
    NativeDSD audio downloads
    NativeDSD is hi-fi recording store with extensive catalog of musical albums. Here, you can dive into a world of pristine DSD and DXD (24/32 bit, 352.8 kHz PCM) audio downloads, ranging from 64fs to 1024fs. The Direct Stream Digital files are available in both stereo and multichannel formats. Notably, a significant portion of their music catalog encompasses albums that may not be readily available on SACD.
    Genres: acoustic, alternative, ambient, classical, big band, blues, chamber, jazz, guitar, choir, country, electronic, ethnic, funk, indie, new age, pop, and others.
    Download DSD music free
  5. OPPO Digital
    Oppo Digital audio downloads
    Oppo Digital is a well-known audio equipment vendor for delivering high-quality audio equipment. Sharing a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, this brand opens its doors to music enthusiasts. They allow them to estimnate the full potential of music devices. Oppo Digital offers free HD demo tracks for captivating and enriching auditory experience. Listen to the high-fidelity music with free MQA tracks in 24-bit/384 kHz, as well as DSD64 in 2.0 stereo / 5.0 multichannel, FLAC and WAV in 24-bit/88.2 kHz.
    Genre: folk, world, country.
    Free downloads


See below the long list continuation...



Read how to convert DSD files




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Where you can download free DSD music?


Where download free DSD music


On these websites, you can download free music samples.

  1. Onkyo

    Audio record store with DSD albums up to 11.2 MHz.
    Genres: japan, rock, pop, jazz, classical, anime, soul, electronic, and others.
    Free downloading samples
  2. Ototoy

    DSD online record store with sound files with sampling rate up to DSD fsx256.
    Genres: pop, classical, alternative, experimental, piano, house, hip-hop, folk, organic, easy listening, and others.
  3. Pentatone

    Classical music label with catalogue of qualitative recordings.
    See F.A.Q. (Downloading SA-CD)
  4. Wechseldominante

    Site of Japanese self-publishing group.
    DSD downloads free


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Where you can buy DSD audio albums?


Where download free DSD music


You can buy audio files in various formats at these online stores. Find long list where to purchase DSD downloads...

  1. 2L
    Norwegian audiophile label with store. It offers DSD in 2.8, 5.6, 11.2 MHz and other file formats for music lovers.
    Genre: classical.
  2. Audiophile Music
    You can buy audiophile downloads up to DSD512, SACD.
    Genres: jazz, classical, pop, acoustic, super bass, rock, guitar, test, folk, world, piano, and others.
  3. Bruce Springsteen
    Live Bruce Springsteen's website.
    Genre: rock.
  4. Channel Classics Records
    Record shop for classical, contemporary music and jazz. In the store DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and other audiophile formats are available.
    Genre: classical.

Discover long list where you can buy DSD downloads...


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DSD music streaming

It was possible to listen to DSD music online streaming. Currently, the author doesn't know about available services.

  1. PrimeSeat
    DSD streaming service. Some free content is available.

Look at other hi-res streaming...



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What is DSD in music?


What is dsd music explained


What is DSD audio?

DSD (Direct Stream Digital) is a way of recording sound digitally. It is meant for people who care a lot about sound quality and want to use high-end equipment.

You can get DSD music as:

  • different types of files that you can play on your computer or device, or
  • special discs (SACD, Super Audio CD) that you can play on dedicated SACD player unit.

DSD is one of the best kinds of digital sound. It uses only one bit of information for each sound sample. But it can reduce the background noise and make the sound clear.
Learn more...


Watch and share: What is DSD audio? Video explanation
what dsd video guide


What kinds of music can you find in DSD?

Classical music and jazz need a wider range of loud and soft sounds. They are often recorded in DSD.

Also read: How to make your music sound better...


Why choose DSD?

DSD is a way of recording sound that makes CDs sound (16 bit/44.1 kHz) better. It uses very fast and simple signals to capture the sound.

DSD has some competitors that also record sound in high quality. They are called hi-res PCM audio and they come in different forms, such as discs or files.

DSD is not easy to change or edit, but that does not affect the final result or the old recordings that were not digital before.

Learn more here...


What is DSD music file?

DSD music file is a type of audio file that contains sound recorded in Direct Stream Digital. It has one-bit signal with very high rate.

DSD music files have different names, such as:

  • .dsf,
  • .dff,
  • .iso (SACD ISO is a copy of a Super Audio CD disc) and
  • FLAC, WAV, etc. with DSD inside them in DoP format.

Super Audio CD (SACD) is a disc that has sound in DSD. It can also have a normal CD layer.

It is possible to make a copy of a SACD disc as a SACD ISO file. To learn how to do that, read this...

Find out more about DSD files...


Who uses DSD?

DSD is a way of making CD sound better. It is good for people who love music.

DSD can play sound more easily than PCM, another way of making sound. But DSD is not always better than PCM.

DSD has very high quality sound. It is often used for classical music and jazz.


See also:


What is DSD 5.6 Mhz, DSD256, DSD512?

DSD 5.6 MHz, DSD 11.2 MHz, and DSD 22.4 MHz are different speeds (sample rates) of DSD:

  • 5.6 MHz = 44100 Hz * 128. = DSD 128
  • 11.2 MHz = 44100 Hz * 256. = DSD 256
  • 22.4 MHz = 44100 Hz * 512. = DSD 512

Higher speed can make sound better. But it does not mean it is always better.




Where can I listen to DSD audio?

Let's quickly explore playing DSD files.

Enjoy Direct Stream Digital (DSD) sound through:

  • a portable music player,
  • a digital media server,
  • a desktop or laptop, or
  • a smartphone.

The latter two options need you to set up special software.

To experience native DSD audio, consider buying a specialized digital-to-analog converter.

You can acquire DSD tracks online or order Super Audio CDs (SACDs) for home delivery from web shops or buy them in person.

Is there free DSD content? Absolutely. Explore and obtain complimentary DSD music and samples here:

Moreover, you can enhance regular CD tracks to your DAC's high-res setting. Discover how...

Scroll down for more on playing DSD.


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How good is DSD audio? Sound quality

Is DSD audio worth it?

DSD can improve sound by addressing certain technical limitations of audio filters in digital converters. Sound quality may benefit, but it depends on the recording and playback equipment. Learn more...

Trying Direct Stream Digital could reveal some of the finest audio experiences. It might also enhance your digital-to-analog converter's sound.


Is DSD a Lossless Format?

Indeed, DSD preserves audio without loss of quality. Discover more...


Is DSD the best audio format?

Audio formats are designed with specific goals in mind. Some prioritize sound fidelity, others save storage space, and some are optimized for streaming. Each format excels in its intended use. Find the best for your needs...

DSD addresses certain challenges of PCM recording and playback but may require more storage than standard CD audio.

For further understanding, read in this sequence:

  1. Understanding DSD
  2. Comparing DSD and PCM DACs
  3. Differences Between DSD and PCM
  4. Choosing the Best Audio Format


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Which is better DSD or FLAC?

What are DSD and FLAC? They're both advanced audio formats that deliver high-fidelity sound.

FLAC is a well-established, multi-bit PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) format, offering lower sampling rates compared to DSD. FLAC's peak resolution reaches 32 bit / 384 kHz, whereas DSD operates at a 1-bit resolution but with much higher sampling frequencies.

To be correct technically, we might wonder: which is superior, PCM or DSD?


DSD supports various sample rates: DSD 64, DSD 128, DSD 256, DSD 512, DSD 1024, and beyond. Higher numbers indicate greater sampling frequency.

DSD64 = 44100 Hz * 64 = 2.8 MHz

DSD256 = 44100 Hz * 256 = 11.3 MHz

Increased frequency can significantly enhance the signal-to-noise ratio. More on this topic here...


Comparing DSD with FLAC, one might assume that multi-bit formats ranging from 16 to 32 bits could offer superior sound quality over a 1-bit system.

Yet, the extremely high sampling rates of the Direct Stream Digital format enable certain techniques that can match the sound quality of 24- or 32-bit PCM, like that of FLAC.

This is just theoretical audio quality. In practice, the actual quality is influenced by the DAW or conversion tools used, as well as the recording and playback hardware. The file format is merely one aspect of a broader set of factors affecting the listening experience.

Electronic components and software algorithms can introduce varying degrees of distortion. In theory, DSD systems, from the ADC to the DAC, are simpler than those for PCM, which could lead to superior sound quality from Direct Stream Digital.


DSF vs. FLAC? Comparing DSD and FLAC or other PCM Audio

The difference between DSD and FLAC isn't as stark as comparing a car to a supercar.

If executed properly, the comparison of DSD to FLAC is akin to comparing two cars from the same category.

Both can transport you from point A to B with comparable ease.

Yet, each car is assembled from distinct components.


So, we might approximate that:

Estimated Sound Quality Comparison: DSD, FLAC, mp3, CD Audio (based on the execution of a DSD system)
Audio Format DSD Distortions
mp3, CD Audio, FLAC 16-bit DSD64 is superior
FLAC 24-bit Comparable to DSD64 and DSD128
FLAC 32-bit Surpassed by DSD256 and higher

Note: This assumes high-quality DSD encoding and decoding.

Read more about the comparison of DSD and FLAC and other PCM...


Can you hear the difference between DSD and FLAC?

Typically, you can detect a distinction between DSD and FLAC audio. This depends on how the music was recorded, your audio equipment, the quality of the recording, and various other elements.

Discover more here...



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Is DSD better than CD?

DSD was created as an advancement over CDs to improve sound quality. This improvement comes from reducing noise and imperfections that can be heard.

DSD theoretically simplifies the digital-to-analog conversion process. It also avoids certain types of sound distortion that can occur with other technologies, like R2R DAC. So, in theory, DSD could produce superior audio compared to CDs.

Learn more...

The writer believes that reproducing very high frequencies was not the main goal when creating DSD.


Which is superior, DSD or CD?

Imagine a CD as a pane of glass with uneven thickness. This represents the older technology A.

Now, consider technology B (DSD), which aims to create a smoother pane of glass.

Yet, the quality of the glass varies depending on the equipment used in technology B.

Some equipment under technology B (DSD) might produce glass that's nearly identical to, or even worse than, technology A (CD).


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Which is better MQA or DSD?


No, MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is a type of PCM format, which means it compresses data to save space.

Even though MQA reduces data size, it still maintains high-quality sound for audiophiles.

It's hard to say which one is better. Music listening has many aspects that affect how it sounds. The differences between these high-quality formats usually don't make a big impact on the overall sound.

You can explore the comparison between MQA and DSD in the usual manner here...


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Sound quality of DSD downloads

For the best music experience, download the highest quality your system can handle.

For example, if your device supports DSD512, get music in DSD format at a 22.6 MHz sample rate (that's what DSD 512 means).

This doesn't always mean perfect sound, but it's a great place to start.

Find out how to get the best sound here...


Explaining Sound Quality

"Sound quality" means different things to different people.

Technically, it's about how much the music changes from its original form.

Think of it like adding color to clear water. The water isn't clear anymore, but the color might make it look nicer, like a blue lake.

Similarly, some changes in sound can make music feel more alive, even if it's different from the live sound.

Learn more: what is sound quality...


Here's the text with corrected grammar, keeping the HTML markup:

Some people attempt to analyze audio files. In most cases, they check the audio bandwidth. However, the bandwidth can be determined by the audio tools that processed the file. A limited bandwidth is not a definitive indicator of upsampling from a CD, for example.

The quality of DSD conversions depends on the converter software used. It's similar to other types of audio conversions. With a professional converter, you generally don't have to worry about noticeable losing quality.

Still, the devices and software you use to play music are crucial for how good it sounds.

If the original studio recording is in PCM format, you have choices:

  • buy a DSD version made in a studio; or
  • buy the PCM version and convert it to DSD yourself with software that keeps the sound clean.

The second approach might be better if you trust your software as much as the studio's.


DSF files are often recommended because they can include cover art and usually work well with different devices and programs.

DFF files are good too, especially if you're using certain professional tools.


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How to play DSD audio

To enjoy DSD audio files or SACD discs, use specific audio player devices.

You can also use software on computers, smartphones to play DSD files. Some music servers have .dsf/.dff file compatibility.

For SACD discs, you need a unique disc drive. Certain SONY VAIO models can play SACDs with their built-in software.


Discover more about DSD playback software and devices here...


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How to convert DSD

You can handle DSD files in several ways:

  • Change them to PCM format,
  • Adjust the DSD sampling rate, or
  • Switch between DSF and DFF file types.

Changing to PCM or adjusting the DSD rate might slightly alter the sound. But if done correctly, the difference is barely noticeable or not noticeable at all.

Switching between DSF and DFF without changing the sample rate or other edits keeps the sound intact.

Learn how to change DSD files...


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How to edit DSD

Editing DSD is possible, but you can't edit a 1-bit file directly.

Changing the volume is a form of editing as well.

For editing, DSD must be converted into a format that allows processing.

Once edited, the audio needs to be converted back into 1-bit form.

Find out how to edit DSD files...


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DSD software for audio

DSD software can handle various tasks with .dsf, .dff, and .iso (SACD ISO) files, such as converting, resampling, playing back, and editing.


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Frequently Asked Questions


DSD music. Frequently Asked Questions


DSD DSD audio & music DSD sound quality Audio quality Open, edit DSD Download DSD Where buy DSD Play DSD Convert, rip DSD Audio streaming MQA



F.A.Q. DSD audio and music



What is the difference between PCM and DSD?

DSD is akin to 1-bit PCM. As far as is known, low bit depth causes high noise in a recording. To achieve an appropriate noise floor, in comparison with PCM, some technical decisions are used.

Read about the comparison...


Is DSD the same as SACD?

SACD (Super Audio CD) is an optical disc, that contains audio in Direct Stream Digital (DSD) format.
Read details...


Is DSD a file format?

DSD is an audio data format. .dsf, .dff, .iso (SACD ISO) files contain audio data in DSD format. Also, DSD may be used for SACD optical disk and streaming.


What is DFF audio file?

DFF audio file is one of DSD format containers. Its audio data content is identical to DSF by sound quality. Read DFF file details here...


Are DSD files compressed or uncompressed?

SACD optical disk and .dff computer files may be compressed via Direct Stream Transfer (DST) method. Read more...



SACD is an optical disk containing DSD audio recordings. It's music in most cases.


Are SACDs still being made?

Yes. You can find SACD in these online stores...


Is FLAC the same as DSD?

No. FLAC is a multi-bit format based on pulse-code modulation. DSD is a one-bit format based on sigma-delta modulation.

Read about their sound quality comparison...


What is a DSD CD?

DSD CD is not a standard name. SACD (Super Audio CD) is the official name of DSD compact disc.



What is a DSD download?

DSD downloads, primarily, are audio files in .dsf, .dff, .iso (SACD ISO) formats. They are intended for lovers of high sound quality including master studio fidelity of music. Direct Stream Digital can contain: stereo, multichannel/surround, binaural, and other digital recordings.
See the download list...


What is DXD audio format?

DXD is legacy multi-bit audio data generated from DSD data. Read more...


What are DSD and MQA?

What are DSD and MQA formats? Comparison

Bit depth 1-bit 24 bit / 16 bit (MQA CD)
Sampling rate from 2.8 MHz, depending on system implementation from 96 kHz, depending on system implementation
Hi-Res Audio format yes yes
Size compression no, lossless yes, lossy
DAC DAC is simpler than PCM one, theoretically PCM DAC with MQA support
Stereo, 1-minute size about 5500 kbps (DSD64) about 1200 kbps (24 bit/44.1 kHz before unfolding)

Does SACD use DSD?

Yes. SACD uses DSD audio as content.



What is the difference between DSD and DSF?

.dsf is a file type that contains audio stuff coded in DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format.


What is DSD remastered?

Remastering DSD or others is manipulation with an audio file, in instance, frequency response correction, reverberation adding, dynamic range altering, etc.


How big is DSD?

Look at DSD file sizes here...


What is DSD over PCM?

DSD over PCM (DoP) is DSD audio stream that is packed in ordinary PCM format. It allows standard transmitting of sound data to a DAC. Read more...


What is DSD via HDMI?

DSD audio may be transmitted via quasi-HDMI (I2S transmission [*]) hardware interface. The interface on DAC has HDMI connector. But that interface is not HDMI by electrical, hardware, software parts.

If a hardware audio unit (player/receiver) is DSD compatible, it can transmit DSD data via HDMI interface. HDMI can unite units in DLNA network and transmit DSD via protocol DoPE (DoP over Ethernet). In DLNA settings, "Bitstream DSD" option should be activated.

Read discussion...





F.A.Q. DSD sound quality



Is SACD better than FLAC?

SACD (Super Audio CD) contains DSD sound content. To answer the question read the article "DSD vs FLAC"...


Does DSD sound better than FLAC?

There is no single answer to the question.

Theoretically, DSD system is simpler, than FLAC (PCM) one. So, lesser distortions are there.

Actual sound quality depends on recording and playback music system.

DSD audio has potential abilities that can solve some issues of PCM systems, including FLAC.

Real music equipment may sound better or worse case-to-case. FLAC may sound better than DSD and vice versa.

Read more: DSD vs FLAC...


Is DXD better than DSD?

DXD is PCM format, that is intended for DSD editing. As rule, DSD is converted to DXD. Such kind of conversion causes losses, that rely on sound quality of audio conversion software. As we noted above, DXD is an ordinary PCM format with sampling rate 352/705 kHz and bit depth 24 or 32 bit.

Both DSD and DXD formats have advantages and disadvantages. So, given recording and audio systems make audio quality.

Read DSD vs PCM...


Is DSD better than mp3?

DSD is a lossless audio format. mp3 is a lossy format. Thus, DSD causes lesser distortions than mp3 and it is better for music lovers.

However, DSD consumes significantly more space on hard disk. It may cause a lesser song number on mobile devices especially.

It must be taken into account, that mp3 doesn't support high resolution. And it causes some technical issues for DAC building.

Read more about audio formats...


Is DSD better than PCM?

Only audio system implementation defines sound quality. Potentially, DSD gives some design advantages to achieve better sound quality.

It is necessary to remember, PCM DAC contains a DSD modulator. This enables reduce non-linear distortions of R2R-matrix of a DAC.



Which is better PCM or DSD?

Only audio system implementation defines sound quality. However, potentially, DSD gives some design advantages to achieve better sound quality. Read more...


Is SACD better than vinyl?

Vinyl is an analog recording system. It adds additional engineering issues comparing digital ones.

However, specific "vinyl" distortions may be liked by some people.



Is DSD better than vinyl?

The vinyl is an analog audio medium. It has excessive engineering matters, if compare with digital sound systems.
But, some people like specific "vinyl sound". It happens due to additional distortions.



Are SACD worth it?

SACD is an optical disk, that contains DSD musical tracks. Some disks are recorded in DSD format without editing.

Hi-Fi DSD system is simpler than PCM one, in theory. Thus, lesser distortions should be there. But in fact, many factors are there. And real PCM may sound better than Direct Stream Digital or vice versa.



Which is better WAV or DSD?

WAV is PCM format. So, we should compare PCM and DSD. Read more...





F.A.Q. sound quality



What is the highest quality audio?

Theoretically, a more sampling rate is more sound-quality improvement abilities for a developer.

Maximum implemented sampling rates are DSD2048 (44.1 kHz x 2048) and PCM (1.4/1.5 MHz).

Bit depth is processing matter rather. 64-bit float is recommended.

A PCM DAC is 1-bit in most cases. In contrast, an R2R DAC has more implementation issues. Read more...

However, the conversion of multi-bit input to 1-bit final DAC stage is digital processing, where higher bit depths are recommended.

Accounting real electrical issues of a DAC, 24 and more bits are recommended.


What is the highest quality format for audio?

Different audio formats bring the highest sound quality. The quality of recording, given audio system and its modes (audio resolution) are the main factors, that provide sound quality.

An audio file can:

  • store resolution;
  • keep stored audio stuff without changes (lossless);
  • reduce the size of the stored audio stuff.

So, lossless music formats bring the best sound quality and they are the most recommended. Recording quality and audio unit design are primal factors.

Read more:

  1. What is DSD
  2. What is PCM
  3. DSD vs PCM DAC comparison
  4. DSD vs PCM
  5. What the best audio format


What's the highest quality audio file?

Lossless audio files are the best in sound quality technically.

Read more about sound formats...


Is 320kbps good sound quality?

320 kbps bitrate provides hi-fi sound quality.



What is the best audio quality?

Audio quality is defined either distortion level or individual preferences. There is no common the best audio quality for everybody.

In instance, some people prefer 44.1 kHz / 16 bit, because they don't listen to difference with higher resolutions. Other people can hear the difference and prefer HD music. Third people choose DSD instead 24 bit / 96 kHz. Analog-sound lovers prefer vinyl and tape because it brings a "cozy" sound.

Read more:

  1. Does hi-res audio sound better?
  2. What is better DSD or PCM?
  3. What is better Analog or Digital sound?


Is there anything better than FLAC?

FLAC is a lossless format. Another lossless format sounds the same way.

Lossy formats with bitrates 256 kbps and above sound very close to lossless original. But mp3 supports 44.1 and 48 kHz sampling rates only. So, AAC is more recommended than mp3 due to wider range of the resolutions.
IMPORTANT: Convert lossless format to lossy one and back to lossless causes distortions in final file in comparison with the original.

Conversion between FLAC to/from DSD is lossy. But, DSD may have lesser distortions in your playback system. The opposite variant is possible in another musical system. Sampling rate and bit depth may matter. Higher DSD discretization frequency allows for achieving a clearer audio signal. But, it varies from one unit/software to another one.

In both cases, a backup of original files is recommended.



Is FLAC really worth it?

FLAC is an audio codec that's designed for audiophile music. It has compatibility with a wide range of audio devices and software.



Is there anything better than FLAC?

FLAC has some limitations in the sampling rate. Increasing this parameter makes it possible to reduce distortions in an audio system. Of course, no warranty is there.

In this case, you can use WAV or AIFF. If sound-file size is more than 4 Gbytes, WAV/RF64 is recommended.

However, FLAC has wider compatibility with musical devices.



Is FLAC better than MQA?

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a lossless audio format. MQA (Master Quality Autentificated) is an audiophile lossy format.


Practically, the audible difference may be there or not. There are a set of factors. And each case should be considered separately.






F.A.Q. open, edit DSD



How do I create a DSD file?

DSD file may be recorded via a special analog-to-digital converter.

Read how to convert audio files to DSD...


How do I open a DSD file?

Read how to open DSD file...


How do you record on a DSD?

To record DSD files, DSD ADC (analog-to-digital converter) and recording software are needed.





F.A.Q. where to download DSD




Where can I download high-quality music for free?

Look for free high-quality music formats here:





F.A.Q. play DSD



What do you need to play DSD?

To play DSD you need audio player hardware that supports DSD.

You can play DSD with audio player computer software. To better adapt music quality to your requirements, you can use an external DSD DAC.



Without DSD player and/or DAC:

Audio files in DSD format may be converted to .flac, .alac, .wav, .aiff, .mp3 and other files.

Read guide...



Can you play DSD without a DAC?

You can listen to DSD music with or without special DSD DAC.

Without such DAC, you can convert DSD audio to PCM, that is compatible with ordinary DAC:


What player can play DSD?

You can play DSD on hardware or software player that supports .dsf, .dsf, .iso (SACD ISO). Read more...

If you haven't a DSD player, DSD sound files may be converted to ordinary .wav, .flac, .aiff, .alac, .mp3 files.

Read guide...


How do you play a DSD?

You can playback DSD audio with either DAP or media player or mobile phone or tablet or computer.

The three last cases require installing DSD player software.



Without DSD player and/or DAC:

Audio files in DSD format may be converted to .flac, .alac, .wav, .aiff, .mp3 and other files.

Read guide...


How do you play native DSD?

You can play native DSD with DSD DAC only. Under Windows, ASIO driver should be installed. Under Mac, Core audio is used, as rule. Audio player software should be set to DoP output.

See example...

Use DSD digital audio player device that is capable to play native DSD.


How do you play DSD on DAC?

To play DSD natively, you need DSD DAC or a proper digital audio player.

Also, you can play DSD on a computer.

As rule, DAC has a driver (ASIO on Windows or Core Audio on Mac).

In a DSD player software's settings, you choose an audio device, that is your DSD DAC. Also, you set this device mode (DoP, in instance).

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Alternatively, you can convert DSD music files to .wav, .flac, .alac, .aiff, .mp3, .m4a, and other PCM files.



How can I play DSD on my computer?

To playback DSD music, use player software or hardware.

Some audio players can convert DSD to PCM "on fly". PCM may be played back via usual audio card.

Also, DSD may be converted to PCM with high-quality offline.

Or DSD may be played back natively via DSD DAC.

To listen to DSD on your computer, you can get DSD files here...

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How do I play DSD files on my Mac?

You can play DSD files on Mac with playback software...


What is native DSD playback?

Read what is native DSD playback...


How do I play DSD music files?

You can play DSD files with DSD player hardware or software. Read more...


Can Windows play DSD?

Yes. You can play a DSD file on Windows (PC platform). Read details...


What is DSD music player for Windows?

See the list of DSD music players for Windows here...


Can Android play DSD?

Yes, DSD player software may be installed on Android device.

Alternatively, you can convert DSD audio to .flac, mp3 or .wav files.

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How can I play DSD on my iPhone?

You can play DSD on iPhone with audio player software.


Which is the best audio player for Windows 10?

See recommendations how to find the best audio player for you and the list of high-resolution music players for Windows here...



Can Windows Media Player play DSD files?

At the moment of answering the question, Windows Media Player isn't capable to play DSD files. Check out DSD playback tools...


Does VLC play DSD files?

As far as the author knows, VLC audio player currently can't play DSD files and doesn't support DSD (*).

Alternatively, you can convert DSD file to FLAC, WAV, etc...


Can Plex play DSD files?

As the author knows, Plex software converts DSD to PCM when playing files back (discussion).

Also, it is possible to convert DSD to FLAC before playback and listen to the FLACs on the server.


Can iPhone play DSD files?

iPhone can play DSD via audio player software in these ways:

  1. inline convert to PCM;
  2. as DoP.

Check the list of DSD players for iOS...

If you do haven't DSD audio player and/or DAC, you may convert DSD files to .flac, .wav, and other files...


Do I need a DAC for DSD?

DSD audio may be played via DSD or PCM DAC. Read details...




F.A.Q. convert, rip DSD



How do I convert DSF to FLAC?

You can convert DSF files to FLAC according to the guide...



Should I convert FLAC to DSD?

You can convert FLAC to DSD. See guide >

A DAC may give sound quality improvements in DSD playback mode.

Read details...


Is DSD to FLAC lossless?

Conversion DSD to FLAC causes some losses. Their degree is depending on converter tool quality.


Should I convert FLAC to DSD?

A DAC may give sound quality improvements in DSD playback mode.

Read details...


How do I convert mp3 to DSD?

Read how to convert mp3 to DSD files >

Remember, you can't improve sound quality of source audio stuff. But, in some cases, you can optimize audio resolution to your hifi DAC.


How do I convert DSD to mp3?

Remember, DSD to mp3 file conversion causes additional audio quality losses in comparison with FLAC or WAV. It has justification in the case of low HDD space for sound file storage. Higher bitrates (256 kbps and above) are recommended.

Read how to convert DSD to mp3 files...


Can FLAC be converted to DSD?

FLAC can be converted to DSD audio files.


Can you convert FLAC to DSD?

Yes. You can convert FLAC to DSD files (.dsf, .dff) according to this guide...


How to rip SACD ISO to FLAC?

Read how to rip SACD ISO to FLAC...




F.A.Q. audio streaming



What is DSD audio streaming?

DSD streaming is an internet broadcasting. It should delivery digital music in DSD format. This format requires a high bandwidth of communication channels.

Receiving software must convert DSD to PCM for playback on ordinary digital-to-analog converter (DAC). If you have DSD DAC, look for player, that can translate DSD stream to such DAC directly.

Read more: DSD audio streaming...


Is there a DSD streaming service?

Read about DSD streaming service...


Does tidal have DSD?

On moment of the answer the question, Tidal is not DSD platform and does not stream DSD downloads.

Read more: DSD streaming...


Does Spotify have DSD?

Spotify haven't DSD support. Check out information about DSD streaming here...


Does Spotify have Hi Fi music?

Yes. Spotify has Hi-Fi music streaming. Read more about hi-fi audio streaming...


Does Spotify have lossless audio?

No. At the moment the answer to the question, Spotify doesn't support lossless audio streaming [*].

Read more about online music streaming...


Does Qobuz have DSD?

At the moment answer the question, DSD downloads and stream are not supported by Quobuz [*].

Look at the DSD resources...


Is Qobuz better than TIDAL?

We can discuss the situation at the moment of the answer question.

Tidal provides sound quality:

  • up to 1411 kbps FLAC (CD quality), and
  • MQA compressed up to 9216 kbps. It may be hi-fi lossy compression 24 bit / 96 kHz. [*].


Quobuz provides audio quality FLAC up to 24 bit / 192 kHz [*].


Technically, Qobuz provides better sound quality. A streamed recording and your listening equipment do matter.

In the author's opinion, the best way is to try both services and make your own choice.

Read about high-quality streaming...








Why does MQA sound better?

If MQA sounds better for you, we can suppose, that the reason lies in listened audio setup. Maybe personal preferences matters.

Recorded musical instrument kit and mixing/postproduction character may be relevant to the listener perception.

As the author knows:

  • MQA is not lossless in "bit-perfect" meaning;
  • This technology uses apodizing filters;
  • Such filters are not ideal ones for resampling.

However, it is a compression format, specially designed for hi-fi applications. The technology saves traffic for audiophile streaming comparing FLAC.



Can you stream MQA over Bluetooth?

To stream MQA via Bluetooth,  lossless 16 bit/44.1 kHz ability is needed.

Technically, aptX Lossless codec supports it. However, some details may be there. In instance, bit-perfect transfer from MQA music file to MQA DAC's input should be provided. Loudness volume should be altered inside the DAC, after MQA decoding.



Where can I buy MQA music?

Look at the sites where you can buy MQA music...


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