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Convert 32-bit FLAC WAV AIFF [Mac Windows]

High res audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44  configurable Modula-R and all inluded PROduce-RD (Windows, Mac OS X) support conversion 32 bit FLAC to/from FLAC (up to 32 bit), WAV, AIFF, DSF, DFF, ALAC, mp3,... with sample rates 44.1 kHz / 48 / 88.2 kHz / 96 kHz / 176.4 kHz / 192 kHz / 352.8  kHz / 384 / 705.6 / 768 kHz (sample rate depend on file format; FLAC have 384 kHz limitation). Multichannel files and export meta tags to target files are supported.

How to convert 32bit FLAC

  1. Run AuI ConverteR 48x44 *

  2. Open audio file (32 bit FLAC or other) *
  3. Select:
    - target file format,
    - sample rate,
    - bit depth (up to 32bit for Free Lossless Audio Codec)*
  4. Select target directory in "Directory of output files" field in the main window of the software.
  5. Push Start button and and wait of conversion end.


* 32 bit resolution support depend on configuration (from $35**). Free version have limitations (2 second silence in the middle of the output track).

** All prices at this page in the U.S. dollars without V.A.T. and other applicable taxes and fees. The prices are recommended. Information at this page is not a public offer.

Audiophile FLAC, DSF, DFF... + CUE Splitter
to FLAC, WAV, DSF, mp3, DSF, DFF,...

FLAC 32 bit audio file converter

    for playback music on:
        digital audio player (DAP),
        media server/streamer,
        car stereo.

    Accurate split with 1 sample precision
    Bit-perfect splitting (without quality losses)
    Multichannel and stereo
    FLAC resolution up to 32 bit | 352/384 kHz
    Uncompressed FLAC
    Clickless technologies
    Auto and manual artwork assigning to target files
    Easy-to-use software

WARNING: FREE demo mute 2 second silence in the output middle of ISO tracks, DSF, DFF with length more 3 minutes



Conversion sound quality


Main priority of AuI ConverteR is sound quality - keeping (as possibly) converted signal unchanged.

Conversion to/from lossless PCM format (Free Lossless Aaudio Codec, WAV, AIFF, ALAC and other) without resampling and bit depth altering is simple repacking and don't change sound quality.

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Watch and share: How to split CUE FLAC

Resampling cause some losses. Resampling quality depend on implementations. Resamplers' comparison here

But for some cases resampling may be useful.

32 bit 384 kHz FLAC is maximal resolution of Free Lossless Audio Codec.


Read details here How to improve sound quality >


When digital signal is converted to analog into Digital Analog Converter (DAC), usually, audio data from music file is upsampled to higher sample rate for digital filtration before analog filtration.

Analog filtration restore analog signal from digital signal. We can say, that analog filter connect "stairs" of digital samples via uninterrupted flexible line.

But for analog filter it is very hardly to achieve deep filtration of aliases (distortions) during digital-analog conversion. Therefore before analog filtration, deep digital inline ("on fly") filtration is used.

Non-filtered ultrasound can cause playback audible noise at some software/hardware due intermodulations.

AuI ConverteR 48x44 makes deep filtering of aliases during offline (non-realtime) oversampling with "heaviest" math. Also it have optimized mode (used as default) to remove ultrasound.  Other words it allow to do "half of DAC's work" with very accurate offline algorithms.

Utrasound filtering may be switched off (Settings > General > set Filter mode in "Non-optimized...").

32 bit 384khz DAC allow to use maximal resolution of Free Lossless Audio Codec. However, 24 bit FLAC is more popular for download from stores. There is no univocal answer, need to convert lower bit depth to 32 bit or not.

Watch and share: Experiment with ultrasound filtering to fix audible noise

Read more:


FLAC 32 bit compatible editions


AuI ConverteR have price options of 32 bit audio converter of FLAC audio files:

  1. Minimal Modula-R configuration that support conversion of
    16 / 24 / 32-bit (up to 192 kHz) FLAC, WAV, AIFF, WavPack, mp3, m4a, others
    FLAC, WAV, AIFF, WavPack, mp3, m4a, others

                   [ Buy for Mac OS X ]       [ Buy for Windows ]
  2. All included PROduce-RD;

Other modules of Modula-R edition you can order later.

Download HD audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44 FREE for high resolution music
WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, (1-bit audio) ISO, DFF, DSF, WMA, mp3, CD-audio...

WARNING: DSF, DFF is supported in maximal PROduce-RD and configurable Modula-R
FREE demo mute 2 second silence in the output middle of ISO tracks, DSF, DFF
with length more 3 minutes



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