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How to Choose Audio Converter? Read and Compare [2019]

Audio Basis - educational articles

Audio converter is software to convert one audio format to other or altering resolution audio or process audio other way. It is used for hardware/software compatibility or sound quality optimization/improvement. Read below audio converter list Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, other (including online converters), supported audio files, sound quality difference of audio converters, other.

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Watch and share: Free audio converter for Mac, Windows


Audio converter software list


Disclaimer: here may be incomplete, wrong, obsolete software description. To get exact information, contact the software developers and/or vendors. If an antivirus software report about issues with a utility, you can try other program from the table. If you found wrong information, contact us, please.

Converter software Input files Output files Sample rate, bit depth Operation system Graphical user interface Additional information
AuI ConverteR 48x44 DSF, DFF, ISO (SACD ISO), PCM: WAV, FLAC, mp3, m4a, AIFF, ALAC, CAF, OGG,..., CUE, CD-audio ripper DSF, DFF, PCM: WAV, FLAC, m4a, AIFF, ALAC, CAF, OGG,..., CUE+DSF, WAV, AIFF

up to D1024 (DSF, DFF),

up to 768 kHz (PCM, depend on format)

up to 64 bit (PCM, depend on format)



True Gapless Conversion,

Downmix 5.1 to stereo,


ISO click suppressing

Metatag editor

Audio converter for studio applications, may be used in DSF, DFF editing

Free version without audio processing quality limitations

Audiogate       Windows, Mac Yes Audiogate 2 is free
dBPoweramp DSF, DFF, PCM, CD-audio ripper PCM   Windows, Mac Yes Expanded with plugins

up to D128

up to 352 kHz

Mac, Linux Yes Java is required
Ffmpeg PCM PCM   Windows, Mac, Linux Command line tool Open Source Code
Foobar 2000 DSF, DFF, ISO, PCM PCM up to D512 Windows Yes

Free audio player with converter

Expanded with plugins

iso2dsd ISO DSF, DFF D64 Mac, Windows, Linux Yes Java is required
JRiver DSF, DFF, ISO, PCM DSF, PCM   Windows, Mac, Linux Yes Audio player with converter and tag editor
MediaHuman Audio Converter PCM, CUE PCM   Windows, Mac Yes Freeware application (online converter) PCM PCM     Web-interface Online audio converter in Internet
Online audio converter PCM PCM     Web-interface Online audio converter in Internet
sacd_exract ISO DSF, DFF D64 Mac, Windows Command line tool Open Source Code
SoX - Sound eXchange DSF, DFF, PCM DSF, PCM   Windows, Mac, Linux, other Command line tool

Open Source Code,
DSF, DFF support

Switch Audio File Converter PCM PCM   Windows, Mac, Android Yes

Free version for non-commercial using

Tag editing

TraX SACD Extractor ISO DSF, PCM

up to 384 kHz (PCM),

up to 32 bit (PCM, depend on format)

Mac Yes Tag editor

up to D256,

up to 384 kHz (PCM),

up to 32 bit (WAV)

Windows, Mac Yes DSD file editing
XLD CD-audio ripper, PCM, ISO (SACD ISO), DSD PCM up to D128 Mac Yes Plug-in ability
Xrecode ISO, DSF, DFF, PCM, CD-audio ripper DSF, PCM   Windows Yes Altering channel number
VLC PCM PCM   Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, other Yes Free audio player with converter
Weiss Saracon DSD, PCM DSD, PCM up to D128 Windows, Mac Yes Conversion software for studio applications


Audio converters for YouTube is video to audio converter rather. And we don't considered it here.

In the list you can found audio converters without watermark.



Audio converter sound quality


Audio converters can convert audio content:

  1. without (bit-perfect): lossless formats [both input and output] and conversion without resolution altering;
  2. with sound processing.


Without sound processing

It is lossless format repacking without audio processing (altering resolution audio, as example). It is lossless audio converter.

In case #1 it is not matter that converter is used. There is matter that is functionality is available. If there is real sound difference, probably, software bug is there.

When CUE+compressed file is splitted, the splitting may be provided without re-encoding. As rule, the compressed files are divided by frames. And track border may be placed into a frame. It cause placement of part of one track content to neighbour track. Re-encoding can solve this issue.

When lossless file (FLAC, WAV, etc.) are splitted, re-encoding don't cause quality losses. But re-encoding of lossy file cause losses in splitting.


With sound processing

In case #2 (resampling, lossy compressing, bit depth altering, etc.) a converter define sound quality (processing distortions).

As rule, speed of conversion depend on sound quality (lesser speed - higher sound quality).

Dithering is recommended for:

  • bit depth reducing to 16-bit, or
  • 16 to 16 bit file processing.

Some albums are uninterrupted (operas, live concerts). They have non-zero levels at track borders. It can cause artefacts at borders after resampling and other processing. To fix the issue True Gapless technology is used.


Which audio converter is best?

It depend on what you want primarily.

If you want spound quality - it is converter what provide minimal distortions. In audio character of distortions (accounting psychoacoustics) can impact to sound. So there are no exact figures, that define the best audio converter. As rule, proper blind hearing test can give more exact answer to the question.



Metadata, album art


Audio converters can export album art and text metadata from source to target file.

Also metadata editor can alter text metadata and insert/replace/delete album cover.

Some metadata formats (mp3, flac, dsf and some other) allow to assign several artworks into single file.



Audio converter list



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