17 Free Audio Converter Software Pieces 2022 Check now >
audio file converter for music production and hi‑end audio

17 Free Audio Converter Software Pieces 2022 Check now >

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Audio converter is software to convert one audio format to another one, or alter resolution audio, or process audio another way. It is used for hardware/software compatibility or sound quality optimization/improvement. See below audio converter list for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, other (including online converters), supported file types, sound quality difference, other.

Hi-res audio converters
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Audio converter software list


Disclaimer: incomplete, wrong, obsolete software descriptions may be here. To get exact information, contact the software developers and/or vendors. If an antivirus software reports issues with a utility, you can try other programs from the table. We produce AuI ConverteR. If you found a wrong information, contact us, please.

Converter software Input files Output files Sample rate, bit depth Operation system License Graphical user interface Additional information
AuI ConverteR 48x44 DSF, DFF, SACD ISO, PCM: WAV, FLAC, mp3, m4a, AIFF, ALAC, CAF, OGG,..., CUE, CD-audio ripper DSF, DFF, PCM: WAV, FLAC, m4a, AIFF, ALAC, CAF, OGG, ..., CUE + DSF, WAV, AIFF

up to DSD1024 (DSF, DFF),

up to 1536 kHz (PCM, depend on format)

up to 64 bit (PCM, depend on format)


Free, Commercial Yes

Optimizing audio,

True Gapless Conversion,

Downmix 5.1 to stereo,


ISO click suppressing

Metatag editor

Audio converter for studio applications. It may be used in DSF, DFF editing

Free version without audio processing quality limitations

Audiogate       Windows, Mac Free, Commercial Yes Audiogate 2 is free
Barbabatch PCM PCM up to 192 kHz Mac Demo, Commercial Yes  
dBPoweramp DSF, DFF, PCM, CD-audio ripper PCM   Windows, Mac

Demo, Commercial

Yes Expanded with plugins

up to DSD128

up to 352 kHz

Mac, Linux Free Yes Java is required
Ffmpeg PCM PCM   Windows, Mac, Linux Free Command line tool Open Source Code
Foobar 2000 DSF, DFF, ISO, PCM PCM up to DSD512 Windows Free Yes

Free audio player with converter

Expanded with plugins

iso2dsd SACD ISO DSF, DFF DSD64 Mac, Windows, Linux Free Yes Java is required
JRiver DSF, DFF, ISO, PCM DSF, PCM   Windows, Mac, Linux Demo, Commercial Yes Audio player with converter and tag editor
HFX DFF DSF   Windows Free Yes  
HQPlayer Pro DSD, PCM DSD, PCM up to 32-bit 1536 kHz,
up to DSD1024
Windows, Mac, Linux Demo, Commercial Yes  
MediaHuman Audio Converter PCM, CUE PCM   Windows, Mac Free Yes Freeware application
Media.io (online converter) PCM PCM     Free Web-interface Online audio converter in Internet
Online audio converter PCM PCM     Free Web-interface Online audio converter in Internet
PGGB PCM / DSF PCM   Mac, Windows Free, Commercial    
sacd_extract SACD ISO DSF, DFF D64 Mac, Windows Free Command line tool Open Source Code
Shutter Encoder PCM PCM   Windows, Mac, Linux Free    
SoX - Sound eXchange DSF, DFF, PCM DSF, PCM   Windows, Mac, Linux, other Free Command line tool

Open Source Code,
DSF, DFF support

Switch Audio File Converter PCM PCM   Windows, Mac, Android Free, Commercial Yes

Free version for non-commercial using

Tag editing


up to 384 kHz (PCM),

up to 32 bit (PCM, depend on format)

Mac Free, Commercial Yes Tag editor

up to D256,

up to 384 kHz (PCM),

up to 32 bit (WAV)

Windows, Mac Free Yes DSD file editing
XLD CD-audio ripper, PCM, ISO (SACD ISO), DSD PCM up to D128 Mac Free Yes Plug-in ability
Xrecode ISO, DSF, DFF, PCM, CD-audio ripper DSF, PCM   Windows Free, Commercial Yes Altering channel number
VLC PCM PCM   Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, other Free Yes Free audio player with converter
Weiss Saracon DSD, PCM DSD, PCM up to D128 Windows, Mac Commercial Yes Conversion software for studio applications



Check now:

Audio converters for YouTube are video to audio converters rather. And we don't consider it here.

In the list, you can find audio converters without watermarks.



Audio converter sound quality

Audio converters can convert musical content:

  1. without processing (bit-perfect): lossless formats [both input and output] and conversion without resolution altering;
  2. with sound processing.


Convert without sound processing

It is a lossless format repacking without audio processing (altering resolution audio, in instance). It is called a lossless audio converter.

In case #1, it does not matter that converter is used. There is functionality difference is possible. If we get real sound difference, another reason is there, probably.

When CUE with compressed file is splitted, the splitting may be provided without re-encoding. As rule, the compressed files are divided by frames. And track border may be moved into a frame. It causes re-placement of part of one track's content to neighbor song. CUE-splitting with re-encoding can solve this issue.

When lossless files (FLAC, WAV, etc.) are splitted, re-encoding doesn't cause quality losses. But re-encoding of lossy files adds losses in the splitting.


Convert with sound processing

In case #2 (resampling, lossy compressing, bit depth altering, etc.) a converter defines sound quality. Processing distortions may be audible or visible after analysis.

As rule, speed of conversion defines sound quality. And, lesser speed is higher sound quality.



Dithering is recommended for:

  • bit depth reducing to 16-bit, or
  • 16- to 16-bit file processing.

Optionally, for 24-bit and more output, a converter can allow applying of differing to 16-bit input.


Gapless conversion

Some albums are uninterrupted (operas, live concerts). They have non-zero levels at track borders. It can cause artifacts at borders after resampling and other processing. To fix the issue True Gapless technology is used.


How to an audio player works

We can imagine a music player as a conveyor belt between a kitchen (audio file) and a dinning room (DAC and speakers).

case 1: If the belt just delivers a soup (digital music from the audio file) from the kitchen to the dining room, it means "no processing" or "bit-perfect" playback.

case 2: If, on the belt (player), the soup (digital music) gets additional cooking,
and we have other soup (other audio resolution) in the dinning room (DAC and speakers).

When we talk about digital music, case 2 requires many computing resources.

A proper converter can do it offline with high quality. And a powerful computer doesn't need when playback in the bit-perfect mode of an audio player (case 1).

Which is the best audio converter?

Which music converter is the best? It depends on what you want primarily.

If you look for sound quality, you need a converter that provides minimal distortions.

In audio, a character of distortions can impact sound. Psychoacoustics accounts it.
So there are no exact figures, that define the best audio converter.

As rule, a proper blind hearing test can give a more exact answer to the question.


In simple words:

We can imagine an audio file as glass with water.

We should come to a room (an audio converter) and pour from the glass to another glass (output file).

If the room is clean (lesser distortions of the converter), "output" glass almost will not contain dust from the room.

If the room is unclean (higher distortions), "output" glass will contain more dust.

Also, dust may color the water differently (different distortion types).

A better converter should provide a few "dust".


Practically, you can try different audio converters and choose one according to your personal preferences.

The author recommends to read the article. It may be useful for testing of audio converters.

Also, you can read these articles:


Metadata, album art

Audio converters can export album art and text metadata from source to target file.

Metadata editor can alter text metadata and insert/replace/delete album cover.

Some metadata formats (mp3, flac, dsf and some others) allow assigning several artworks into a single file.



Audio converter list



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best audio converter for Android?

If you need to convert files on Android mobile device, you can choose either online (web converter) or an offline converter (app).

Unfortunately, the author has no safe public link with Android audio converter comparison. However, remember, that high qualitative music file conversion with changing sound resolution is a tough process. It requires many computing resources. Intensive conversion work reduces the battery life. So, in general case, a computer or laptop is more recommended to convert HD audio files.


Which app is best for audio converter?

The best audio converter should provide high sound quality. If you need faster conversion, lesser sound quality of conversion may be allowable. So, different personal requirements are satisfied in various ways.

Read more about sound quality...


Which is the best free audio converter?

If you look for the best sound quality, you need to compare sound of several audio converters directly. Your ears are most important there.


Does Windows 10 have an audio converter? Does Windows 10 have a music converter?

See the list of audio converters Windows compatible...


How do I convert audio files?

See tutorials on how to convert different types of audio files...


Is audio converter online safe?

There is no theoretical difference between online and local audio-converter implementations.

Data integrity

Web data-transfer channels keep data integrity good enough. For better sureness, it's recommended to control checksum of transferred file on the receiving end. The checksum is calculated at the transmitting end.


Sound quality

In general case, audio-processing precision (in instance, resolution conversion) depends on available computing resources. I.e. more accurate conversion algorithm requires more service time.

A web server has limited computing power. To expand the number of simultaneously processed files or remote users at the power, we can simplify conversion algorithm or/and increase CPU cores. It reduces processing time for each user.

Actual algorithm accuracy (sound quality) depends on implementation of an online audio converter.


Can you convert FLAC to WAV?

Yes. FLAC to WAV and back may be converted without losses for same sampling rate and bit depth. It's so-called "bit-perfect" mode.

In instance, in AuI ConverteR software, set Settings > General > Don't make DSP... checked.

If you convert FLAC to WAV with resampling choose an audio converter with minimum distortions.


How do I use free audio converter?

If you want to convert audio files for free see video guide:

Watch and share: How to convert audio file for Mac, Windows

Also, you can choose a free auido converter for your operating system here...


How do I convert MP3 to DSD?

Read how to convert mp3 to DSD...


Can PCM be converted to DSD?

You can convert PCM to DSD...


Can DSD be converted to FLAC?

You can convert DSD to FLAC...


How do I convert DSF to FLAC?

Read how you can convert DSF files to FLAC...


What is DSD over PCM?

To provide a standard way of audio data transfer from audio software to DSD DAC, DoP (DSD over PCM) data format is used.



What are DSD audio files?

DSD audio files are sound files that contain Direct Stream Digital format. Read more...


What is DSF file?

DSF file (.dsf extension) is DSD audio file.


What is the difference between DSD and DSF?

DSD (Direct Stream Digital) is a hi-res audio format. Read its description...

DSF (file with .dsf extension) is an audio file containing audio in DSD.



Is DSD better than FLAC?

DSD and FLAC are both audiophile music formats.

Read about their difference...



Where can I download DSD music for free?

You can download DSD music files by links:


How do I play a DSF file?

To play .dsf files, you can use audio player software and devices.





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