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Convert FLAC to DSF DFF |DSD files| [Mac Windows Audio Software]

We'll study how to convert FLAC to DSF, DFF (DSD high-resolution audio) files in audiophile quality via AuI ConverteR 48x44 software.


Author: Yuri Korzunov,
Audiophile Inventory's developer with 25+ year experience in digital signal processing,
author of the articles that make audio easy for beginners


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How to convert FLAC to DSF, DFF (DSD files)

To convert FLAC to DSD files (DSF or DFF) with high accuracy:

  1. Launch AuI ConverteR software

  2. In the main window, click Open files button. Appear Open dialog.
    As an alternative, it's possible to click Open dir button. If Subdir button is checked (led is lighted), AuI ConverteR will scan directories for all files with allowable extensions.
    If CUE files are placed in the directory, it is recommended to open each .cue separately for avoiding conversion audio files that are linked with the .cue twice.*
  3. Select output directory

    In the main window of the converter (left lower part), look for Directory output files field.


    Set output directory for converted files

    It can be as absolute as relative (source FLAC file) directory.
  4. In AuI ConverteR's main window (right middle part), Format field, Select target format of audio files: DSF or DFF.
  5. Click Start button.
  6. Wait until the conversion ends. Look for converted files in the directory selected in goal 2.


* WARNING: DVD-audio/video, Blu-Ray, DVD/BluRay/CD ISO are NOT supported.
For Modula-R version, SACD ISO, DSF, DFF are supported in proper configurations.
For ISO tracks, DSF, DFF longer than 3 minutes, FREE edition mutes 2-second silence in the output middle and has other restrictions
Free version has processing sound quality identical commercial editions.



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AuI ConverteR has several price/functionality options that allow saving your budget for the required functionality. You can expand Modula-R abilities later by purchasing new modules. Unlimited-time license, major updates (... 10.x > 11.x > 12.x > ... versions) are paid.

WARNING: Modula-R modules (parts of AuI ConverteR’s functionality) are NOT compatible with Free version.
ADD-ON modules work with certain CORE modules only (see details).
The module is license key received in order email. To activate module functionality, enter its key in Modula-R executable.
All "Modula-R" modules together have "PROduce-RD"'s abilities.
Full-featured "PROduce-RD" version is like a discount on price of full module kit of "Modula-R" version.

To expand functionality, module(s) (compatible with purchased major version number) may be ordered separately.
Modula-R license cannot be replaced with PROduce-RD.

* All prices on this page are in U.S. dollars without V.A.T. and other applicable taxes and fees. The prices are recommended. Information on this page is not a public offer.



Watch and share: AIFF WAV FLAC to DSF Converter Audio Files


Audiophile FLAC to DSF converter

FLAC to DSF Audio Converter - AuI ConverteR 48x44


      playback audio files on:
        digital audio player (DAP),
        media server/streamer,
        car audio;
      converting FLAC audio files
        for playback on DSD DAC.

    Multichannel and stereo
    DSF sample rates DSD64/128/256/512/1024
    FLAC sample rate up to 352/384 kHz
    Auto loudness normalization



Remark: DSF audio file is a high-resolution audio file in DSD format.

Its sound content is based on:

  • sigma-delta modulation;
  • bit depth: 1-bit; and
  • sample rates: from 2.8 MHz (44 100 Hz x 64 = D64).

Sample rates are multiply to 44100 Hz:

  • 5.6 MHz (44100 x 128 = DSD128),
  • 11.2 MHz (44100 x 256 = DSD256),
  • 22.5 MHz (44100 x 512 = DSD512),
  • 45.2 MHz (44100 x 1024 = DSD1024),
  • etc.

There is sigma delta modulation used that allows achieving high signal/noise ratio in useful audio band. Read more about PCM vs. DSD.


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Audio quality of different editions

Audio quality of all AuI ConverteR’s editions is identical. Digital signal processing is applied the same way. FREE edition is restricted in functionality.


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AuI ConverteR 48x44:

provides studio quality of conversion for FLAC to DSF/DFF (DSD audio files).

supports stereo and multichannel audio is supported. Downmix 5.1/5.0 to stereo is available.

supports metadata (artist, album, track name, year, artworks) transfer from source FLAC to target DSF files.

provides several resampling modes by user option.

provides metadata editor (text and adding/removing artwork) with batch editing for FLAC and DSF files.


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Frequently Asked Qestions


What is DSD converter?

DSD converter is software to convert from/to DSD files. Read details...


Can I convert FLAC to DSD?

Yes, you can. Read how to convert .flac to DSD files...


Can you convert FLAC to DSD?

How to convert FLAC to DSD, you can read in the guide...


Can FLAC be converted to DSD?

FLAC can be converted to DSD according to the manual...


How do I convert audio to DSD?

Yes, you can. Read how to convert audio files to DSD:

  1. FLAC, WAV, other PCM files to DSD...
  2. DSD to DSD...
  3. extract SACD ISO to DSD...


How do I convert DSF to FLAC on Mac?

Read how to convert DSF to FLAC on Mac...


Can PCM be converted to DSD?

PCM may be converted to DSD. Read how to do it...


Can you convert FLAC files?

FLAC files may be converted to different audio formats.

See audio file converter list...


How do I convert DSF to MP3?

Read how you can convert DSF to mp3...


Is DSD to FLAC lossless?

DSD to FLAC conversion causes some distortions losses. It is we like resampling's ones.

The distortion level is defined by used audio converter software.

Read details...


Can you hear the difference between DSD and FLAC?

DSD and FLAC may have noticible sound difference. It's matter of several factors.

Read details...


Is DSD the best audio format?

DSD is high-qualitative audio format with own advantages and disadvantages.



Is SACD better than FLAC?

SACD is optical disk with DSD audio content. Read about DSD and FLAC comparison...


Is DSD better than FLAC?

What is better DSD or FLAC is implementation matter of an audio system. Read more...


Is there anything better than FLAC?

There are audio formats that has advantages comparing FLAC. In instance, WAV supports higher sampling rates and bit depths.

If consider lossy formats, MQA provides audiophile sound quality and lesser file size.



Where can I download DSD music for free?

You can download DSD music files here:


Is DSD better than MQA?

We can compare DSD and MQA as DSD and PCM. MQA is high-qualitative lossy format. DSD is lossless audio. However, it should not be matter in general case.

Read about DSD and PCM comparison...


When DSD64 to DSD256 is converted, why output level is -12dB?

As rule, DSD output is set -6 dB for 0 dB PCM input. It's headroom to protect against broken stability of DSD modulator due to overload. Read more...
AuI ConverteR's DSD output allows -0.4 dB for 0 dB PCM input, as default. The software has own original protection method. It doesn't fully solve the stability issue, but add overload tolerance for AuI's modulator.
If an input signal has very significant spectrum energy and AuI's modulator stability is broken (noise, silence, tone at output), it's need to attenuate output signal manually or set auto normalizing target level lesser up to several dB.




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  1. DSF specification
  2. Free Lossless Audio Codec specification


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