Extract SACD ISO to FLAC [Mac Windows Definitive Guide]
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Extract SACD ISO to FLAC [Mac Windows Definitive Guide]

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How to rip SACD ISO to FLAC?

Sound quality matters


Frequently Asked Questions

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DSD ISO, SACD ISO to FLAC conversion is intended to adapt of playback format, sample rate, channel number of music files for audiophile equipment, portable players or mobile phones. Read step-by-step how to rip sacd .iso file to FLAC and about sound quality comparison.

SACD ISO to FLAC extracting (ripping)

To convert SACD ISO to FLAC file:

  1. Start conversion software ♫ AuI ConverteR 48x44.

  2. Open SACD .iso file. *
  3. Select target FLAC format at the main window Format panel.
  4. Select sample rate.
  5. Select bit depth.
  6. When target bit depth is 16 bit, dithering ON is recommended.
    (for higher resolutions Dither button will be ignored)
  7. Select target directory. (watch video, read manual)
  8. At the main window > Album art tab assign album artwork file. **
  9. Push the Start button.
  10. Wait until the end of conversion.
    (Converted (ripped) stuff is placed in the target directory)
  11. If you got audible artefacts and distortions, it is rather overload issue.
    In Settings > General > "Output attenuator" field, set "-3 dB" or "-6 dB" or use peak level normalization** to achieve maximal loudness.
    Read how to extract selected tracks...
    Read more about troubleshooting...

WARNING: AuI ConverteR 48x44 doesn't support DVD-audio/video, Blue-Ray.
AuI ConverteR process too long file names and paths, non-Latin and forbidden characters (created from metadata) for successful output file writing
. Third-party utility decode SACD ISO for additional processing with AuI ConverteR. Read the whole page carefully.

Watch and share: How to SACD ISO to FLAC files

* (at first time conversion or after codec reset, auto downloading of the codec will be requested). View details about first-time conversion below.

** if available in purchased software configuration (check the extractor software configurations)

*** All prices at this page in the U.S. dollars without V.A.T. and other applicable taxes and fees. The prices are recommended. Information on this page is not a public offer.

WARNING: DVD-audio/video, Blue-Ray, DVD/BlueRay/CD ISO are NOT supported.
For Modula-R version, SACD ISO, DSF, DFF are supported in proper configurations.
For ISO tracks, DSF, DFF longer 3 minutes, FREE demo mutes 2-second silence in the output middle, and has other restrictions


Sound quality issues

Converting ISO files to FLAC is sigma-delta (aka DSD) demodulation. DSD demodulator is a low-frequency filter.

There is no strong standard of the filter to achieve the proper result. Practically, we can vary filtering band to achieve the best result on our equipment.

DSD signal is like to an oil (technological noise) in water (music).

Oil pops up. Water is sinking. Both fractions are almost separate.

We can remove upper fraction - oil. It's like low frequency filter remove high-frequency noise.

After the oil removing, only water (music) stays.

Separating quality (noise filtering) defines how the water is pure (playback sound quality).

AuI ConverteR provides 3 filter bands: optionally from 20 kHz to 100 kHz. Bandwidth may be limited depending on input or output sample rates. Output sample rate limit target signal band.

AuI ConverteR vs a converter software: DSD64 to PCM 44.1 kHz aliases
AuI ConverteR vs a converter software: DSD64 to PCM 44.1 kHz


In the ideal case, should not be repeatable lines with lower brightness. These lines show audible distortions, that correlate with the original signal.

Sound quality in the first approach:

  • high conversion quality is like an image on good photo paper;
  • low converter quality may be imagined  as the image on a paper with some defects on its surface.

Bit depth and sample rate of converted files may give different playback quality to your system. It is bound with different playback modes for combinations "bit depth + sample rate".

In general, you can convert to file in the maximal sample rate and bit depth of your DAC. But it doesn't guarantee, that you get the best result. Read details about music conversion and sound quality issues.

Extraction into PCM format applies the downsampling. Downsampling processing based on filtering with varying settings.

At Settings > General tab > set Filter mode:

  • - "Optimized resampling filter" removes frequency range upper 20 kHz (ultrasound eliminating so that remove intermodulation distortions);
  • - "Non-Optimized resampling filter" suppress signal upper 20...24 kHz (defined by input/output sample rates) - ultrasound eliminating so that remove intermodulation distortions, wider signal band;
  • - "Non-Optimized wide resampling filter" suppress signal upper 20...100 kHz (defined by input/output sample rates) so that provide a wider band of a musical signal.

At some equipment software "Non-Optimized..." modes can cause audible noise, like in this video.

Watch and share: Removing noise from high-resolution file

Therefore "Optimized..." mode is recommended as the first choice. However, you can prefer other settings.

Use minimum phase filter switch checked/unchecked minimum/linear phase filtering in "Optimized..." mode. Other modes are implemented as linear only.


Let's look at oil (noise) in water (music) that are mentioned above.

The filter choice defines kind of oil and water separation.

All filters provides high sound quality, but it give options according to your equipment and/or taste.


Dithering is applied to extracting to 16-bit output resolution only. If the target resolution is 24 bit and more (including float point), the Dither button is ignored.



AuI ConverteR has several price/functionality options that allow saving your budget for the required functionality. You can expand Modula-R abilities later via purchasing new modules.

* All prices at this page in the U.S. dollars without V.A.T. and other applicable taxes and fees. The prices are recommended. Information on this page is not a public offer.



You can either buy unlimited-time license and pay for major updates (... 10.x > 11.x > 12.x > ... versions).

Full functionality

[MINIMUM PRICE Modula-R's module kit]
unlimited-time license, paid major updates(... 10.x > 11.x > 12.x ...);
convert SACD ISO, DSF/DFF(up to DSD128) to FLAC, WAV and other PCM (up to 192 kHz, 24 bit, 32 bit float)



[RECOMMENDED Modula-R's module kit]
unlimited-time license, paid major updates(... 10.x > 11.x > 12.x ...);
convert SACD ISO, DSF / DFF (up to DSD512) to FLAC, WAV and other PCM (up to 192 kHz, 24 bit, 32 bit float)

with parallel processing, true gapless mode, level normalization, artwork assigning.





Tips and tricks

In the Settings > General tab:

  • FLAC compressing slider: set several compression levels. As rule, slider position altering gives minimum effect. The central slider position is recommended. The level doesn't impact sound quality.
  • Filter mode list: "Optimized resampling filter" is recommended. "Non-optimized ..." and "Non-optimized wide..." may cause noise and distortions.
    "Optimized G5" is most recommended filter. However, it works significantly slower than previous ones.
  • Use minimum phase filter... switch unchecking is recommended.
  • Dithering mask depth... slider recommended set to the most left position. If you convert to 16 bit, in the main window of AuI ConverteR, compare sounding with Dither button ON and OFF.

However, your individual choices may be other, than recommended here.

Check more about  sound quality issues >


Conversion tweaks

Check AuI ConverteR 48x44 configurations, that ISOs to FLACs capable >

To check sound quality download FREE demo version.

Read below about conversion sound quality issues.

  1. Launch the converting tool
  2. Open Settings > CD ripper/ISO tab (see below)
  3. Select stereo/multichannel target stuff - check/uncheck Force read stereo track switch, respectively
    (read details in Sound quality issues part of this article)
  4. Skip pause before first track: check Skip pause for first ISO track switch
  5. Skip pause between tracks: check Skip pause for all tracks switch
    Between tracks, pauses may contain. Sometimes clicks contain into the pauses.
  6. Click OK button
  7. To convert live concert, opera and same albums: at the software's main window > Parameters tab > check True gapless mode switch *



Set output format
Set output format


Assign artwork in target files: Album artwork panel

Read educational articles about SACD ISO and FLAC musical files:


Additional information

SACD to ISO ripping software and its manual described here

SACD ripper on PS3 console described here

Free Lossless Audio Codec site here


Frequently asked questions

F.A.Q. Convert ISO [SACD ISO] to FLAC

Can I rip SACD to FLAC?

SACD [optical disk] ripping is applied on special hardware tools to SACD ISO or DSF files. You can convert:

When you rip SACD optical disk to audio files (.dsf, .dff), long path/name of an extracted file, non-Latin symbols (in metadata) may cause an error of the file creation.

Also, read definitive manual...


Can you rip SACD audio? How do you rip SACD? How do I extract music from SACD ISO?

You can rip SACD audio optical disk to .iso, .dsf, .dff files.



How do you rip SACD?

Read how to rip SACD optical disk to DSD files here...


How do I extract music from SACD ISO?

You can extract music from SACD ISO to .wav, .flac, .mp3 or .dsf, .dff audio files.



Can you convert an ISO file?

You can covert SACD ISO file to .dsf, .dff and .flac, .wav, .mp3 files.




How rip SACD ISO to FLAC? How do I convert a SACD disc image to FLAC? How do I convert ISO files to FLAC?

How to rip SACD ISO to FLAC file read here...


Can SACD be copied? How do I copy a SACD disc?

SACD optical disc cannot be read via an ordinary computer disk drive. Also, SACD should be created with special equipment.

As the author know, some Sony Vaio laptops are capable to playback SACD. But it can't be stored as DSD files.

There are several ways to copy SACD to DSD files...


Is it possible to rip SACD?

SACD optical disk may be ripped technically. Read details...


How do you convert to SACD?

To convert/write audio to SACD optical disk, especial equipment is required.


How do I rip SACD to my computer?

To rip SACD optical disk to a computer, special software and hardware is need.

Usual optical disk drive is not capable to this work..

Read how to rip SACD optical disk...

Read how to rip SACD ISO...


How do you convert SACD to DSD?

SACD optical disk may be ripped to SACD ISO or DSF/DFF...

If SACD ISO is ripped to DSF/DFF, some issues may be there. Also, clicks and pops are possible.

To solve some of these issues, you can rip SACD optical disk to .iso file and convert the SACD ISO to DSD...


Can I rip SACD audio? Can an audio converter rip SACD?

SACD ripping may be possible via some hardware. Read information about SACD ripping...


Can I convert ISO file?

You can convert ISO file to FLAC, WAV, mp3,... or DSD (.dsf or .dff).

DVD/BlueRay/CD ISO files are not supported by AuI ConverteR.


How do I convert ISO to FLAC?

Read guide how you can convert .iso file to .flac...


How do I extract audio from an ISO file? How do I extract a SACD file?

Read guide how you can extract from ISO file:


How do I extract tracks from SACD?

To rip SACD optical disk, special hardware and software is need.

To extract separate tracks from SACD ISO file, you can select the tracks before extraction.


Can I rip an SACD?

SACD ripping is possible with esspecial hardware and software.




What is SACD ISO extractor?

SACD ISO extractor is software to convert SACD ISO file to separate audio files.


What is SACD ISO?

SACD ISO is a file, that contains DSD (Direct Stream Digital) audio and metadata from SACD optical disk.

Read about DSD files...


How do I open an ISO file with SACD?

SACD ISO is a file may be:


How do you convert SACD to DSD?

SACD optical disk may be ripped with special equipment...

The ripping result is either SACD ISO or DSF or DFF (DSD files). However, ripping to ISO is more recommended due to long path and other issues when the target file is DSF/DFF. Ripped SACD ISO may be converted to DSF or DFF.


How do I convert ISO to DSD?

Read how to convert ISO to DSD files...


Can I convert SACD to FLAC?

Optical SACD disk may be ripped to SACD ISO file. The file may be converted to FLAC.


How do I convert files to FLAC?

Read guides how you can convert files to FLAC:


Can you convert DSD to FLAC?

Read guides how to convert DSD audio:


Can I play SACD on my computer?

In general, no. However, some SONY VAIO computers have SACD abilities.


Is SACD better than FLAC?

SACD is DSD format. FLAC is PCM format. There is no single common answer. Read about DSD vs FLAC comparison...


How do I convert DSF to FLAC?

You can use audio conversion software to convert DSF to FLAC...


What is DSF format?

DSF format is a kind of audiophile music files, that contains DSD audio data and information about a song, including artworks.


How do I open a DSF file?

Read how to open DSF file...


How do I convert a DFF file?

You can convert DFF file to:


Is DSD better than FLAC? Is DSD better than PCM?

Both formats can bring the same sound advantages. Actually, played recording and audio equipment makes result.



Is FLAC better than MP3?

FLAC is lossless format. Technically it's better mp3.



What bitrate is FLAC?

FLAC bitrate may be estimated by formula: Bitrate (kbps) = SampleRate_Hz * Channels * BitDepth_bit * 0.0006

Example for 44.1 kHz / 16 bit / 2 channels: 846.72 kbps = 44100 Hz * 2 channels * 16 bit * 0.0006


Can Audirvana play ISO files?

Audirvana is capable to play SACD ISO files[*].

Check out SACD ISO extraction [definitive manual]...


Can VLC play DSF?

Still no information, that author knows, about the implementation of DSF file playback on VLC.


Which is better DSD or FLAC?

We should discuss: which is better DSD or PCM (FLAC is included). In theory, DSD system desing is simpler. In the real world, there are subtle details. So, there is no single answer to the question. System design makes sound.

Read more:


Is SACD better than CD?

SACD is one of DSD formats. DSD allows reducing audio processing number from recording microphone to loudspeakers.

Theoretically, lesser items lesser distortions. But, the actual result is depending on the design of the given audio system.

Read more:


Is FLAC better than SACD?

FLAC is PCM format. SACD is DSD format. Both formats has balance between advantages and disadvantages for each of implementations. It define sound quality for each given case. Read more...


Is WAV or FLAC better?

Commonly, FLAC is more recommended because no sound quality difference, but the lesser size and wider device compatibility (by metadata) of FLAC is there.

However, if you want to use high resolutions above 352/384 kHz, WAV allows to do it.


How do I play DSF files on Foobar?

How to play DSF and SACD ISO on foobar2000 read DSD guide...


How do I open a SACD ISO file?

  1. Read SACD ISO playback [foobar2000] guide...
  2. Look at DSD audio player list...
  3. Look at audio converter list...
  4. How to convert ISO to FLAC...
  5. How to convert ISO to DSF...


Does AuI ConverteR contain its own SACD ISO extract codec?

Third-party sacd_extract codec or other utility, compatible with AuI ConverteR, connected as command-line utility, decodes SACD ISO for further processing with AuI ConverteR. Read more about codecs...


Is FLAC better than DSD?

What is better FLAC or DSD is complex issue. It depending many factors: given recording, sound equipment, music software.

Read about it...



Which is better WAV or FLAC?

FLAC is recommended for most cases. If you are need to use sampling rates above 384 kHz and bit depth above 32 bit or float point, use WAV.

Read details...


Is FLAC lossless?

Yes. FLAC is lossless audio format.


Is FLAC better than DSD?

There is no single answer. Combination of equipment, its mode, recording lead to better sound.

Read details...


How do I convert ISO to SACD to MP3?

SACD ISO cannot be converted to Supe Audio CD optical disk without special hardware and software.

Read how to convert SACD ISO to mp3...


How do I convert music files to FLAC?

Read how to convert:


Can you upscale MP3 to FLAC?

Read how to convert mp3 to FLAC...


How do I use SACD extract?

sacd_extract software is command line utility. Its using requires some additional skills.

The utility is used as standard codec for SACD ISO extracting in different software.

AuI ConverteR provides graphical user interface for sacd_extract codec and additional processing that allows fix some extracting issuses.

How to convert (manuals):

Also, read "Definitive SACD ISO Extracting Guide..."


How do you play SACD on Foobar?

In common case, SACD ISO optical disk may not be played on computer directly.

It should be riped to SACD ISO...

Read how to play SACD ISO on foobar 2000...


Does Foobar play DSD?

Yes. Foobar can play DSD after installing additional plugins.



How do I convert an ISO file to MP3?

You can convert SACD ISO file to mp3, using the guide...


Can iTunes convert FLAC?

As far as the author know, iTunes doesn't support FLAC. You can convert FLAC or other files to ALAC...


How do I read a SACD on my computer?

You can't read SACD optical disc on a computer. Only, some SONY VAIO models can to do it with own software. uper Super Audio CD can be ripped...


Can I rip SACD to FLAC?

You can rip SACD with special hardware and software to DSF/DFF/SACD ISO. If your converter software uses sacd_extract utility to extract ISO and supports DSD to FLAC conversion, theoretically, the converting program can be tuned for ripping directly to FLAC.




Read more SACD extracting F.A.Q. >


Read more about ISO converters


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