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Convert FLAC to ALAC [Apple Lossless] on Windows, Mac OS


How to convert FLAC to ALAC

To convert FLAC to ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) on Windows, Mac OS:

  1. Download and install HiFi converter software AuI ConverteR 48x44;
  2. Launch the conversion software;
  3. Push Open button and select FLAC file;
  4. In the main window, Output panel select ALAC format, bit depth and sample rate;
  5. In Directory output files panel select target directory;
  6. Push Start button;
  7. Wait until conversion end;
  8. Look for target files into target directory.

The conversion is used to provide device and software compatibility. As example, to playback of original FLAC audio stuff in iTunes after pre-conversion to ALAC.

AuI ConverteR 48x44 conversion software - main window

FLAC to ALAC Converter - AuI ConverteR 48x44


Output audio format panel

Output audio format panel


Directory output files panel

Directory output files panel



Sound quality issues

If you convert without resampling you are have 2 options:

  • sound optimization;
  • bit-perfect.

Sound optimization may be useful for some records and some hardware. It cut ultrasound upper 20 kHz to prevent audible products (may be listened as noise) of intermodulation distortions, generated by ultrasound. Sound optimization is activated by default.

Watch video: Experiment with cutting of ultrasound


Bit-perfect conversion re-pack FLAC to ALAC without altering audio content.

If you convert with resampling you are have 2 options:

  • sound optimization;
  • without the optimization.

Non-optimized conversion is the same to traditional resampling: target audio band is limited by minimal sample rate between input and output.

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Convert FLAC to ALAC


What is the best flac to alac converter

If FLAC ALAC converter makes bit perfect repacking, it is not matter for sound quality, that converter you use. But file resampling and other processings may to do sound difference. You can check several converters to found the best one.

Command line utility ffmpeg can convert FLAC to ALAC files:

ffmpeg -y -i inputfile.flac -c:a alac outputfile.m4a

-y - mean "overwrite m4a (alac) file"

However, you can use other conversion software with graphical user interface.




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