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FLAC to ALAC [Apple Lossless] | Windows Mac. Read Easy Guide

FLAC to ALAC conversion is used to provide file compatibility with devices, software. As example, playback of Free Lossless Audio Codec stuff is impossible on iTunes. And pre-conversion to Apple Lossless Audio Codec is required. Read how to convert FLAC to ALAC for free step-by-step on Mac and Windows.
Sound quality issues. What is the best FLAC to ALAC converter? Keep reading.


Author: Yuri Korzunov,
Audiophile Inventory's developer with 25+ year experience in digital signal processing,
author of the articles that make audio easy for beginners


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How to convert FLAC to ALAC for free

To convert FLAC to ALAC on Windows, Mac OS in high sound quality:

  1. Download and install HiFi audio converter software AuI ConverteR 48x44 Free.

  2. Launch the conversion software;
  3. Push Open button and select FLAC file;
    FLAC to ALAC Converter - AuI ConverteR 48x44
  4. In the main window, Output panel, select ALAC (Apple Lossless) format, bit depth and sample rate;
    Output audio format panel
  5. In Directory output files panel, select the target directory;
    Directory output files panel
  6. Push Start button;
  7. Wait until conversion end;
  8. Look for converted files in the target directory.

To batch conversion of several files use other versions of AuI ConverteR.

Read how to use this converter to improve audio quality...




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AuI ConverteR has several price/functionality options that allow saving your budget for the required functionality. You can expand Modula-R abilities later by purchasing new modules. Unlimited-time license, major updates (... 10.x > 11.x > 12.x > ... versions) are paid.

WARNING: Modula-R modules (parts of AuI ConverteR’s functionality) are NOT compatible with Free version.
ADD-ON modules work with certain CORE modules only (see details).
The module is license key received in order email. To activate module functionality, enter its key in Modula-R executable.
All "Modula-R" modules together have "PROduce-RD"'s abilities.
Full-featured "PROduce-RD" version is like a discount on price of full module kit of "Modula-R" version.

To expand functionality, module(s) (compatible with purchased major version number) may be ordered separately.
Modula-R license cannot be replaced with PROduce-RD.

* All prices on this page are in U.S. dollars without V.A.T. and other applicable taxes and fees. The prices are recommended. Information on this page is not a public offer.




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Sound quality issues

If you convert audio files, 2 options are there:

  • sound optimization;
  • bit-perfect (without any altering of audio content).

To turn on bit-perfect mode:

  • in AuI ConverteR's Settings > General tab, check "Don't make DSP..." switch;
  • at main window > Output panel > set bit depth and sampling rate "as input".


Sound optimization may be useful for some records and some hardware. It cut ultrasound upper 20 kHz to prevent audible products (may be listened to as noise) of intermodulation distortions, generated by ultrasound. Sound optimization is activated by default.

Watch and share: Experiment with the cutting ultrasound


Bit-perfect conversion re-pack FLAC to ALAC without altering audio content.

If you convert with resampling you have 2 options:

  • sound optimization;
  • without the optimization.

Non-optimized conversion is the same as traditional resampling: the target audio band is limited by minimum sample rate of input and output.

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Convert FLAC to ALAC


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What is the best flac to alac converter

If FLAC ALAC converter makes a bit-perfect repacking, it does not matter for sound quality which converter you use. But file resampling and other processing may do sound different. You can check several converters to found the best one.

Command line utility ffmpeg can convert FLAC to ALAC files:

ffmpeg -y -i inputfile.flac -c:a alac outputfile.m4a

-y - mean "overwrite m4a (alac) file"

Alternatively, you can use other free conversion software with graphical user interface.


Resampling quality depends on audio converter's distortions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best output resolution?

If you think that target audio file resolution use (in instance: 24 bit / 44.1 kHz or 24 bit / 96 kHz), we recommend refer to your DAC (digital-to-analog converter). You can read details in the article...


How to customize output file path and name?

To customize output file name, that AuI converteR produces, read this guide...


What output file format for conversion should I choose?

For audiophile aims, lossless formats are most recommended. Read details...


Can I convert FLAC to ALAC? How do I change FLAC to Apple Lossless?

You can convert FLAC to ALAC according to the guide...


Can iTunes convert FLAC to ALAC?

As the author know, iTunes can't convert FLAC to ALAC. Read how to convert FLAC to ALAC in the guide...


Is FLAC to ALAC good?

FLAC and ALAC both are lossless formats and bring identical sound quality.



Is ALAC better than FLAC?

Both ALAC and FLAC are lossless audio files. There is no sound quality difference. Device or software compatibility issues may matter.

Read about audio formats...


How do I convert FLAC to iTunes?

iTunes doesn't support FLAC. And you can use ALAC instead. Read how to convert FLAC...


How do I convert FLAC to ALAC on Mac?

You can convert FLAC to ALAC on Mac according to the guide.

In the goal 4, select "aac (m4a)" item.


How do I convert FLAC to AAC?

You can convert FLAC to AAC like it is described in this guide.


Can iPhone play FLAC?

Yes. iPhone can play FLAC.



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