How to convert DSD to PCM [Mac Windows Software 2022]
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How to convert DSD to PCM [Mac Windows Software 2022]


DSF to PCM converter software used for adaptaion DSD audio files (DSF, DFF, SACD ISO) to PCM DAC.

Most modern DACs (digital analog converters) have inside digital converter multibit PCM to 1-bit audio sigma delta modulation (a.k.a. DSD) and DSD to analog converter / demodulator.

It allow to simplify DAC with keeping of quality.

Some DACs allow to send input DSD signal straight to internal DSD to analog converter chip.

However other DAC can receive PCM only.

How to convert DSD to PCM files

To convert DSD to PCM files:

  1. Start AuI ConverteR software

  2. Push Open files button and select DSD files (.dsf, .dff or .iso).*
  3. Select target PCM format (WAV, FLAC, mp3,etc.).
  4. Push Start button and wait for end of the conversion.

Read more about target directory and template settings...

* (at first time conversion or after codec reset, auto downloading of the codec will be requested).



1-bit audio signal very like to PCM in spectral area. Both contains audible signal in lowest part of spectrum (0 ... 20 kHz). After 20 kHz PCM have equal level noise for all frequencies. Sigma delta modulated signal have noise "hump" in ultrasound part of spectrum (upper 20 kHz).

Conversion DSF audio to PCM files (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, mp3,...) is digital filtration of 1-bit signal. After filtration noise "hump" eliminated. And remains only audible content. High DSD's sample rate adjusted to "low" PCM's sample rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DSF audio file?

DSF audio file is a DSD sound file with high-resolution content. Read more...


Is DSF the same as DSD?

No. DSF is format of audio files. Such file includes an audio data in DSD format and metadata of song.

Read more:



How do I play a DSF file?

DSF file may be played back at compatible audio player.

You can also convert DSF to WAV, FLAC, mp3, m4a to listenint at any player. Read more...


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