DFF to DSF Converter on Mac OS, Windows [Software]
audio file converter for music production and hi‑end audio

DFF to DSF Converter on Mac OS, Windows [Software]

AuI ConverteR 48x44 is DFF to DSF converter music files under Windows, Mac OS X. DFF DSF (DSD files) conversion may be done without losses. DSF files able to store metadata (track name, album, year, artworks,...). It may be assigned to converted stuff via metadata editor.
The conversion software configurations see here.
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  • DFF to DSF converter with sound quality for top-level studio projects,
  • gain altering,
  • music stuff resampling,
  • other processing of 1-bit formats,
  • friendly simple interface,
  • work from box in the best (among available) mode,
  • faster multi-core parallel processing of several files,
  • multitool software:
    - sound conversion software,
    - metadata editor (edit track name, album, performer, ..., assign artworks),
  • flexible price policy, may be ordered by modules to save budget,
  • designed for music production and audiophiles.


Sound quality: AuI ConverteR vs a converter software: DSD64 to DSD128 noise

AuI ConverteR vs a converter software: DSD64 to PCM 44.1 kHz


In ideal case, should not be noise in audible band. Lesser noise (darker background) is higher sound quality.

DFF to DSF converter

1. DFF to DSF converter stereo and mulichannel files (D64/128/256/512/1024 or 2.8/5.6/11.2/22.5/45.2 MHz).

2. Accurate resampling during conversion.

3. True Gapless Mode resampling albums (operas, live concerts, musicals, etc.) as solid stream without artefacts on neighboring track borders. See the main software window  > Parameters tab.

True Gapless Mode

Pure signal on border of two neighbor tracks, when True Gapless Mode turned ON.

If tracks processed as separate files at track border appear artefacts (noise splashes) due processing re-initialized at begin of track. To avoid it  all album tracks should be processed as continuous stream without re-initialization.

In True Gapless mode the converting software process album tracks sequientally. Because to convert next track need to have previous-track processing state.

4. Auto level normalization to maximize loudness without overload.

Resampling can cause overload. Overload can cause distortions. Manual gain control can solve the issue. But auto level normalization make it automatically and keep your time.


Bit-perfect conversion

The mode available when input and output sample rates are equal. It is data container repacking.

The mode activation: open Settings window > General tab. "Don't make DSP..." switch must be checked (turn ON).

Bit-perfect conversion mode




Metadata editor

  1. Metadata (meta tag) editor DSF FLAC WAV AIFF able to:
  2. Edit text meta tags fields (track name, album name, performer, composer, year,...).
  3. Add/change/remove picture meta tags (album cover/back, artist, conductor, band photos,... - more 20 picture in single DSF music file) formats png, jpeg, gif.
  4. Cancel of change edited data (before closing the software or opening other file).
  5. Group editing metadata of several files.


Available software configurations

DFF to DSF conversion supported in (visit the links to check current price):

Any editions have identical processings sound quality. Maximal edition PROduce-RD include several tools:

  • resampler and format converting software;
  • ISO (1-bit hi-res music) extractor;
  • safe CD-ripper;
  • metadata editor.

Modula-R edition purchased by separate modules. When you order module, you get its license key. User enter the key to Modula-R edition of software. After key entering, the module's functionality becomes available.
The key can be entered in Modula-R edition only.

There are core modules, that can work without other ones. Add-on modules demands specified core module. As example, most add-ons will enable with "Base (core) module". See details here.

Expanding Modula-R functionality provided via new module purchasing.

Configure Modula-R now via online configurator >



Free DEMO version have processing sound quality identical with commercial editions. But DEMO produce 2 second pause in the middle of converted file.

All distributives checked on viruses as by vendor as by site hosting.

Free demo distributive without a promoted software intallers.

Check online comparison editions table >



Technical support

  1. Fast friendly solving of user issues.
  2. Development direction, based on your suggestions.
  3. Regular updates


Download HD audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44 FREE for high resolution music
WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, (1-bit audio) ISO, DFF, DSF, WMA, mp3, CD-audio...

WARNING: DSF, DFF is supported in maximal PROduce-RD and configurable Modula-R
FREE demo mute 2 second silence in the output middle of ISO tracks, DSF, DFF
with length more 3 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a DSF file?

DSF file is an audio file with DSD audio.



What is the difference between DSF and DFF?

DSF supports flexible music-information metadata standard way. DFF supports DSD size-compression.



Is DSF better than FLAC?

DSF and FLAC provide audiophile sound quality. Technically, non the better explicitly.



What is DFF audio format?

DFF is audio files, that provides DSD audio.



Is DFF lossless?

DFF is lossless audio format.



How do I convert a DSF file?

You can convert DSF file from/to other file types.

How to do it read here...


How do I play DSF files on my Mac?

You can play .dsf files on Mac via DSD player software...



How do I play DFF files?

DFF files are DSD files. Read how to play .dff files...



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