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DFF to DSF Converters [Mac Windows Linux]: dff2dsf, AuI ConverteR

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3 ways how to convert DFF to DSF high resolution audio files under Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

  1. Via HD audio converter software AuI ConverteR 48x44 DEMO or configurable Modula-R or maximal PROduce-RD (Windows, Mac OS X). AuI ConverteR may be launched on Linux via Wine with some restrictions. Conversion without losses (bit-perfect) is available.
  2. Via FREE command line tool dff2dsf (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  3. (Obsolete way, strongly not recommended) Via connection command line tool dff2wav to old versions of HD audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44 (Windows).

Read below step-by-step user guide.

General DSF DFF conversion issues

DFF, DSF are different DSD stream containers. Sound quality don't depend on which of containers is used.

DFF to DSF conversion may be performed as lossless. Each conversion software piece should be checked though.

DFF structure based on blocks (chunks). id3 metadata may be stored as id3-chunk. However it can cause id3-reading issues by playback software.

Standardized DSF format store metadata as id3 metadata chunk. Generally, music storing to this format is more preferable to home applications.

DSD stream edition (gain altering, resampling) is lossy actions, that provided via conversion to PCM and back. The edition losses comparable with usual resampling losses. Pro audio software do it transparently to ears enough.

Filter ringing is one of most visible factors there. Acoustic musical stuff have smooth transitions primarily. And ringing is not so "scary" as it look at "synthetical" tests. Engineers minimize ringing anyway.

Cutting DFF, DSF to parts may performed without lossy processing.

Links to the format specifications see below.


Graphical user interface, resampling, gain adjusting and other abilities

The converter's software editions some Modula-R configurations and all included PROduce-RD provide:

  • convert DFF to DSF (1-bit D64/128/256/512/1024),
  • upsampling and downsampling,
  • adjusting output stuff volume,
  • converted stuff's auto level normalizing,
  • graphical user interface.

Functionality of Modula-R edition added via relevant module (license key) purchasing. The key entered to Modula-R edition and it open relevant functionality.

Modules can't be added to integrated editions FREE and PROduce-RD.

Coding to DSF audio file format available in versions:

  • FREE (DEMO with 2 second silence in middle of output track with length more 3 minutes, but in full audio quality)
  • PROduce-RD or some Modula-R configurations without demo's limitations.

Currently this converting software work "from box": when relevant file open, codec is automatically downloaded, installed and configured.


Need do nothing to configure last versions of the conversion software. AuI ConverteR use dffdsfconverter as DFF-codec.

As alternative, you can configure codec manually.

Read articles

Manual codec installing


1. Visit download page to download dff2dsf utility.
AuI ConverteR FREE edition have full processing quality, like commercial editions, with limitation: 2 second silence in the middle of output file.

2. Unpack zip archive. Here three folders: linux, osx, win32 (compatible operation systems).

Download HD audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44 FREE for high resolution music
WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, (1-bit audio) ISO, DFF, DSF, WMA, mp3, CD-audio...

WARNING: DSF, DFF is supported in maximal PROduce-RD and configurable Modula-R
FREE demo mute 2 second silence in the output middle of ISO tracks, DSF, DFF
with length more 3 minutes

3. Run the conversion software. Click Settings button.

Settings button

4. In opened Settings window select Input formats tab.

Settings window - Input formats tab

5. If you use FREE edition you can't add new source format (see Input file format list). You can replace one of existing (as example dff). Free edition mute 2 second in the middle of each converted file.
In PROduce-RD - you can add new source format: push Add button.

6. In each fields Displayed name and File extension type dff.

7. Push button ... right field Input converter executable. In opened window select executable dff2dsf (Mac OS X) or dff2dsf.exe (Windows).

8. If after selection executable name look as .../dff2dsf-101/osx/dff2dsf.*, delete .* at end. It must look as .../dff2dsf-101/osx/dff2dsf

9. In field Input converter command line type command line parameters

%inputfile% %outputfiledsf%

10. Push OK button.

11. In main window of the conversion software click Open button and select dff file.

12. Select output format DSF / 1 bit / desirable target sample rate.

13. Into Directory output files field default value is ConvertResult. If source stuff is "c:\Music\sample.dff", output one will  "c:\Music\ConvertResult\sample.dsf"

14. Click Start button. Wait until end of conversion.

You can control process of conversion in Log tab of main window (select Log tab at left upper part of the window).


Read below about corossplatform free DFF to DSF conversion.



DFF DSF via command line tool dff2dsf (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)


It's free cross platform way.

1. Visit download page. Download dff2dsf utility.

2. Unpack zip archive. Here three folders: linux, osx, win32 (compatible operation systems).

3. Open terminal window (terminal - under Mac OS X, cmd - under Windows).

4. Open folder linux/osx/win32 (as your operation system).

5. Type into command line:

     dff2dsf '<input path>/<input.dff>' '<output path>/<output.dsf>'

Press <Enter> key.

6. Output dsf (output.dsf) placed into <output path>.


    Example under Windows:

     c:\dff2dsf-101\win32\dff2dsf.exe 'c:\music\input.dff' 'c:\music\output.dsf'


    Example under Mac OS X:

     /Users/<username>/dff2dsf-101/osx/dff2dsf '/Users/<username>/input.dff' '/Users/<username>/output.dsf'



Via connection command line tool dff2wav to HD audio conversion software AuI ConverteR 48x44 (Windows)


It is obsolete way. Strongly not recommended.



  • Decoder dff2wav.exe have limitation: 2.8 MHz (D64) only.
  • With the decoder DFF to DSF is converted thru intermediate resampled filtered WAV.


How get advantages:

Better way is using of full audio quality and abilities of PROduce-RD edition or configurable Modula-R. The editions automatically download and install dff2dsf utility for better audio performance (no intermediate conversion DFF to WAV). dff2dsf repack DFF to DSF without changing audio data.

Some albums like operas, live concerts have non-zero levels on track borders. Or some 1-bit audio ISOs has DC bias thru all tracks. It can give clicks sometime after converting.

In this case better choice is:



Video: DFF to DSF (codec is automatically installed)

Remark: In FREE edition you can't add new source format (see Settings window > Input formats tab > Input file format list). You can replace one of existing (as example dff).

To manual connect dff2wav codec (using of the codec is not recommended):

1. Download dff to wav decoder here.


2. In field Input converter executable select where placed downloaded dff to wav converter



3. In field Input converter command line type command line parameters

%inputfile% %outputfile%



Conversion DFF to DSF Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

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ID3 metadata standard

DFF specification

DSF specification


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