AIFF to WAV Conversion Mac Windows [Definitive Guide 2019]
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AIFF to WAV Conversion Mac Windows [Definitive Guide 2019]


AIFF to WAV conversion adjust file format (sample rate, bit depth, channel number, bitrate) to playback at different types of audio apparatus. Read step-by-step guide how to convert AIFF audio file to WAV format. Watch video guide.

Convert AIFF to WAV file

To convert AIFF to WAV (on Mac, Windows):

  1. Launch audio converter software AuI ConverteR 48x44.

  2. Open .aiff file.
  3. Choose WAV output format at the main window Format list.
  4. Set sample rate and bit depth in the main window.
  5. When input file is 24 bit reduced to 16 bit, set Dithering on (check ON and OFF and use, that sound better for you).
  6. Select target directory (watch video).
  7. Push Start button. Wait until end of conversion and look for converted stuff is placed in the target directory (selected in goal 6).

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2 depend on configuration.


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How to convert ISO (aka SACD ISO) to mp3 on Mac and Windows


To check sound quality download FREE demo.

Set output format

Set output format



  • AIFF and WAV sample rates: up to 768 kHz2
  • AIFF bit depth: up to 32 bit2
  • WAV bit depth: up to 64 bit / 64 bit float2
  • WAV more 4 GBytes (RF64)is supported2
  • Export metadata is supported.


Conversion sound quality: AIFF to WAV

AuI ConverteR have 3 output frequency bands by user option and according to target mp3 sample rate:

  • "Optimized" 20 kHz;
  • "Non-optimized..." or "Non-opptimized wide..."
    [minimal among input and output sample rates]/2 (Settings > General > Filter mode).

Use minimum phase filter switch checked / unchecked to minimum / linear phase, respectively.

To convert live concert, opera and same albums: at the AuI ConverteR main window > Parameters tab > check True gapless mode switch 2



In the Settings > General tab:

  • Use minimum phase filter... unchecking state is recommended.
  • Dithering mask depth... slider recommended set to most left position. Try different slider positions to fit your taste.
  • Don't make DSP... check for bit-perfect conversion. Sample rate and bit depth set "as input".

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Is AIFF the same as WAV?

For sound quality AIFF and WAV may be converted losslessly (bit-perfect).

Both formats contains chunks (data blocks). However, AIFF have other byte order comparing WAV.


How do I convert AIFF to WAV on Mac?

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How do I convert an audio file to WAV?

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How do I convert AIFF to m4a?

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