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How to convert 64-bit WAV (RF64) and BWF [Mac Windows]

WAV 64-bit (or RF64) is an extended WAV format for supporting audio files with a size of over 4 GBytes.  It's actually for super high resolutions 352, 384 kHz and higher. The RF64-audio file has either *.wav or *.rf64 extension.
RF64 does not mean 64-bit bit depth. RF64 defines file size. Big WAV files with 64-bit bit depth may be stored in either RF64 or ordinary WAV format.


How to convert to WAV RF64 (64 bit)

  1. Launch AuI ConverteR 48x44

  2. Open input file.
  3. Select target format .wav or .rf64, sample rate and bit depth.
  4. Push Start button.
    WAV/RF64 formats are switched automatically and transparently for user. Read details below...


WARNING: DVD-audio/video, Blu-Ray, DVD/BluRay/CD ISO are NOT supported.
For Modula-R version, SACD ISO, DSF, DFF are supported in proper configurations.
For ISO tracks, DSF, DFF longer than 3 minutes, FREE edition mutes 2-second silence in the output middle and has other restrictions

Audiophile music file converter
with WAV RF64 supportWAV RF64 64 bit audio file converter


    for playback music on:
        digital audio player (DAP),
        media server/streamer,
        car stereo.

    Resolution up to 64 bit /768 kHz, D1024
    Multichannel and stereo

    Clickless technologies
    Auto and manual artwork assigning to target files
    Easy-to-use software


How RF64 works

Audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44 support WAV 64-bit according to RF64 specification.

  1. Output (converted) WAV file is created
    In its header, a dummy block ("JUNK" chunk by WAV specification) is added. It's fully compatible with an ordinaty WAV. Most players must ignore the block.
  2. After conversion starts, audio data are written to the WAV file.
  3. After the end of conversion and writing, the converter checks the real size of the output file.
How ordinary WAV converted to WAV 64-bit (RF64)
How ordinary WAV converted to RF64 (WAV 64-bit)


RF64 settings

  1. If in AuI converteR's Settings > Metadata  > "Force 32-bit wav" switch is checked, block JUNK is not created and the next steps don't work.
    It's needed for compatibility with some players and software.
  2. For some pro audio applications, it needs to reserve a space for RF64 markers (time points of audio data). AuI ConverteR reserves the space in begin of this file for these markers.
    Audio players usually don't use markers. To avoid the marker place reserving, in Settings > Metadata > uncheck "No markers RF64" switch.
RF64 settings
RF64 or wav 64-bit settings


To assign BWF field, go to Settings > BWF:

BWF settings
Broadcast Wave Format settings




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Convert WAV RF64/BWF [Modula-R edition]

[MINIMUM PRICE] configuration for
WAV(RF64/BWF), FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, mp3, ... to WAV(RF64/BWF), ALAC, AIFF, mp3, ... and other PCM (up to 192 kHz, 24 bit, 32 bit float) [consists of 2 modules]

Convert WAV RF64/BWF [Modula-R edition]


The configuration allows convert WAV files with size over 4 GB that are packed in RF64 format. PCM to PCM conversion is included.
The configuration abilities may be expanded by purchasing other modules.
Unlimited-time license, paid major updates (... 10.x > 11.x > 12.x ...).

Build custom configurations > Expand functionality > Ask for advice >



How work 64-bit WAV (RF64) support


Read more about WAV





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