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How to Convert DSF to WAV [Mac, Windows] - User Manual



To convert DSF to WAV on Mac or Windows in high quality:

  1. Open audio converter software AuI ConverteR 48x44.
  2. Click Open files button and select input DSF files.
  3. At Format panel (right middle part) select WAV, bit depth and sample rate values.
    Read details here >
  4. Select output directory
    In main window of the conversion software (left lower part) click ... button right Directory output files field.

    It can be as absolute as relative (of source file) directory.

  5. Click Start button.

    Wait until end of conversion. Converted WAVs see in directory that selected in goal 4.

How to convert DSF to WAV


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Video: How to convert DSF to WAV, FLAC [Mac, Windows]




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