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How to Launch Audio Editor [AuI ConverteR]


To launch audio editor for file from input file list of AuI ConverteR:

  1. click mouse right button on the table row (or make two-finger tap on multitouch touchpad);
    Launch audio editor
  2. In the risen context menu, click on Edit. It launch external editor software.


How to assign audio editor

If audio editor is unassigned, AuI ConverteR start default software assigned by operating system to file type. It may not be editor.

To assign the editor for DSD files (DSF and DFF):

  • In the main window of AuI ConverteR, click Settings button.
  • In the risen Settings windows, select Misc tab.
  • Right the field Editor DSD in the  Executable column, click ... button and select DSD editor application.
    For Mac: select .app bundle.
    For Windows: select .exe file.
  • In the field Editor DSD in the Parameters column enter:
  • Click Ok button and restart the software.


Audio editor settings