m4a to WAV Convert on Mac Windows [Read Definitive Guide 2020]
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m4a to WAV Convert on Mac Windows [Read Definitive Guide 2020]


Read how to convert m4a to wav audio files on Windows, Mac OS X to playback at capable digital music players, car stereo and other music devices and software.

How to convert m4a to WAV

To convert m4a to WAV:

  1. Download, install, launch AuI ConverteR 48x44 FREE

  2. Open *.m4a file (if you just performed the first conversion, skip steps 1, 2)
  3. At the main window > Output panel > Format list: select WAV format
  4. At the main window choose sample rate
  5. If target bit depth is 16 bit and source bit depth above 16 bit, recommended to set dithering ON.
    If both input and output bit depths above 16 bit, Dither button position will ignored.
    If both input and output bit depths are 16 bit, recommended to set dither OFF. But you can check sound with dither ON.
  6. Select target directory (see more in the video below)
  7. Push Start button and wait until end of conversion
  8. Converted stuff are placed in the target directory


* if available in your configuration (see below)




m4a is container, that comprised of compressed data in losseless or lossy compression. Also the format can contain metadata (track, album names, performer, album cover artwork, etc.).

When convert m4a to wav, musical information lose nothing comparing original m4a stuff. The original stuff lose part of information when coded to other lossy format.

When convert m4a to wav, with resampling, it is lossy operation. Though it can give advantages at some music systems.




  1. Launch AuI ConverteR 48x44 (Modula-R or PROduce-RD)
  2. (Optionally) Convert with resampling operas, concerts, shows or same albums: main window > Parameters tab check "True gapless mode"*
  3. Convert lossless original stuff in bit-perfect mode: Settings window > General tab > check Don't make DSP... switch. Original and target sample rates should be identical. After the kind of extraction, music data may be compressed in lossy format. It reduce losses by lossy re-packing.

Convert m4a to wav: Settings - bit-perfect for lossless

Convert m4a to wav: Settings - bit-perfect for lossless



First converting m4a to WAV

  1. In the conversion software's main window > Output panel > Format list select output format WAV

    Select output format
    Select output WAV format

  2. Push Open files button.
  3. Select *.m4a file. Push Open button.
  4. After appear window of request of auto downloading input decoder. To download and install the codec, push OK button.

Download codec request window example

Download m4a codec request window


Configurations to convert m4a to WAV

Editions to convert m4a to wav:

True gapless mode available in Modula-R (with True Gapless Conversion module), PROduce-RD editions.


Configure Modula-R online now >


Watch and share: How to assign converted-stuff target directory


Convert m4a to wav under Windows, Mac OSX


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