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Convert DSD to FLAC [Definitive Guide 2024]

DSD, a famous 1-bit file format, is intended for audiophiles. It got wide popularity. To properly play DSD, an especial one-bit DAC is needed. However, many converters lack this capability. For an unparalleled listening enjoyment, you require a reliable conversion software with genuine sound quality. Discover the ultimate guide to converting DSD to FLAC, the favorite file format among music lovers. With precise steps and advanced audio-processing technologies, achieve top-level sound quality in your conversions.

Author: Yuri Korzunov,
Audiophile Inventory's developer with 25+ year experience in digital signal processing,
author of the articles that make audio easy for beginners

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How to convert DSD to FLAC

Direct Stream Digital (DSD) format is included into .dsf, .dff, and SACD .iso music files. To convert DSD to FLAC in top-level sound quality perform these steps:

  1. Launch AuI ConverteR 48x44 software on your Mac or Windows device:

  2. Click on the "Open files" button in the main program window.
  3. Select your DSD file with .dsf, .dff, or .iso extension *
  4. In the Format panel (located in the middle right part of the main program window), choose FLAC as the target format, along with the desired bit depth and sample rate.
  5. Decide on the destination directory for the converted music, either by manually entering the folder path or using the "..." button for selection.
    Refer to the "Directory output files" field in the lower left part of the main window. [?]
    Convert DSD to FLAC, directory for converted music
  6. Initiate the conversion of DSD audio files by clicking the "Start" button.
  7. Wait for conversion to complete.
  8. Once the conversion is finished, access the converted music in the target directory that is specified in step 4.
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video: How to convert DSD to FLAC audio files


How to convert DSD to FLAC on Mac, Windows


* Please verify the availability of the DSD to FLAC conversion feature in your purchased software. Take a look at configurations that convert SACD/DSD ISO to FLAC. These configurations allow batch audio file conversion.

WARNING: DVD-audio/video, Blu-Ray, DVD/BluRay/CD ISO are NOT supported.
For Modula-R version, SACD ISO, DSF, DFF are supported in proper configurations.
For ISO tracks, DSF, DFF longer than 3 minutes, FREE edition mutes 2-second silence in the output middle and has other restrictions. In batch conversion FREE version mutes 2 seconds in the output middle for second and the subsequent files.
Free version has processing sound quality identical commercial editions.




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What is DSD, SACD, FLAC?

To better understanding the conversion process, let's take a closer look at the file formats involved: DSD, FLAC, and SACD ISO.

  1. DSD (Direct Stream Digital): DSD is a file format for music lovers. The format has high-resolution audio capabilities. It utilizes a one-bit digital format to accurately capture and reproduce sound. DSD files commonly come in formats such as .dsf, .dff, or SACD .iso.
  2. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec): FLAC is a lossless audio codec that compresses sound files without damage any audio data. As a result, FLAC allows for reductions in file size while maintaining the original audio fidelity. It has become a preferred format for those seeking an optimal balance between high audio quality and storage efficiency.
  3. SACD ISO (Super Audio CD ISO): SACD ISO files contain high-resolution audio tracks in DSD format. They are was extracted from optical Super Audio CDs without losses.


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Benefits of converting DSD to FLAC

Converting DSD to FLAC gives several advantages that enhance your experience:

  1. File compatibility: FLAC is a widely supported audio format. It works with different types of devices and software. By converting DSD files to Free Lossless Ausio Codec, you ensure that your music can be played on a broader range of platforms and devices.
  2. Smaller file sizes: DSD files tend to occupy a significant amount of storage space due to their wideband nature. Converting them to FLAC helps reduces file sizes with small quality losses. The losses are matter of your conversion tool. In proper converter, the losses are comparable with resampling. For proper converter program, they can not take into account. You can consider it as the same DSD to analog signal. And, this may be even better. The transformation significantly optimizes storage consumption almost without sacrificing sound fidelity.
  3. Lossless Audio Quality: FLAC is a lossless audio codec, which means it compresses audio files without sacrificing any audio data. Converting DSD to FLAC allows you to retain the audio quality after the conversion.
  4. Metadata and tagging support: FLAC supports comprehensive metadata and tags, allowing you to organize and manage your music library effectively. This includes album art, track information, genres, and more. Converting DSD music to FLAC ensures that the metadata elements are exported.

By converting your DSD audio to FLAC, you unlock the flexibility, compatibility, and pristine audio quality that FLAC has to offer. Enjoy your favorite high-resolution music on a wider range of devices, while conserving storage space and retaining high-level of the authenticity of the original recordings.


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Conversion quality

When it comes to converting DSD to FLAC, the quality of the conversion is determined by the capabilities of the converter program. At our end, we prioritize the minimization of distortions by utilizing our own advanced audio-processing technologies. Rest assured, your conversion experience with us will be of the high quality.



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