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Hi-Res Audio Apps

Hi-Res Audio Apps


Hi-res apps are audio programs for desktops (Windows, Mac, Linux) and smartphones (Android, iOS). The software supports high-resolution audio. Keep reading.

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Music player software has sources: sound files or online streaming. The apps' output may be sent to wire phones, wireless earphones and speaker systems.


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Desktop apps

High-resolution player apps

Desktop high-resolution player apps are audio playback applications. Considered programs are designed to provide for users who appreciate and seek out high-quality audio. These player apps supports a wide range of hi-res musical formats, such as FLAC, WAV, ALAC, DSD, AAC, and others. The software often feature a user-friendly interface with easy navigation and management of audio files. Supported systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux.

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High-resolution converter apps

Converter apps are aimed for users who want to upgrade their audio collection to higher resolution. The programs should maximally preserve the integrity of the music recordings. Various conversion tools has different sound quality.

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Mobile apps

High-resolution player apps

Mobile high-res player apps fulfill the needs of audio enthusiasts in the highest sound quality. You can use external digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for better listening experience. To stream digital audio, you can use Bluetooth or USB. Supported systems: Android, iOS.

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DSD player apps

DSD player apps for Android and iOS are specifically designed to provide HQ playback for DSF and DFF audio files on mobile devices. These formats preserve the original audio data for lifelike listening experience.

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Which music app has LDAC?

LDAC is a codec installed on some Android smartphones. It provided communication via Bluetooth with headphones and speakers. It provides hi-res audio.

Music player apps has not the codec inside.

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