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Hot keys, shortcuts [AuI ConverteR]


Read list of hot keys (shortcuts) of audio converter AuI ConverteR 48x44.


Action Mac OS Windows
Bit depth selecting <F5>, <F6>
Dither ON/OFF <Command>+T <ctrl>+T
Help in default web-browser <fn>+<F1> <F1>
Format of target audio files selecting <F3>, <F4>
License window <fn>+<ctrl>+<F11> <ctrl>+<F11>
Open file <Command>+O <ctrl>+O
Open directory <ctrl>+O <ctrl>+<shift>+O
Open with subdirectories on/off <ctrl>+U
Settings <Command>+’  
Start/Stop <Command>+R <ctrl>+R
AuI ConverteR: Hot Keys