Extract ISO to DSF PCM. Clicks Issues. Part 3
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Extract ISO to DSF PCM. Clicks Issues. Part 3


Continuation of the article about click matter into DSF and PCM (FLAC, WAV, AIFF, etc.) files after ISO (1-bit audio) extraction. Here we review clicks placed into pauses between tracks.

Extract ISO to DSF PCM. Click Issues. Part 3

On the ISOs between tracks may be placed pauses. Sometimes these pauses may contains clicks.

Sometimes such click issues may be solved via skipping pauses.

ISO clicks in pauses




However, if album contains DC bias, removing pauses can cause clicks at borders of tracks.

ISO extracting. Skipping pauses. DC bias




Because non-zero levels appear at borders. It is important for playback these tracks separatelly.

ISO extraction: pauses skipped




If these files will played back in gapless mode (gapless capable audio player), difference levels at borders of neighbouring tracks may cause clicks too.

Skipped pauses and gapless playback



If pauses are part of continuous album (even without DC bias), non-zero levels at borders may present too. It can cause clicks too due difference levels at borders.

For avoiding clicks in this case may be recommended SmoothDC applying.

Connect track borders with SmoothDC



This would avoid clicks at borders during both types of playback: gapless and non-gapless.


Yuri Korzunov,
Audiophile Inventory developer


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