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Search Request Architector [AuI ConverteR]

Sometimes you are need to search information about audio files: album release year, track names, composer, album atrworks.

You can use Search Request Architector (SRA) to automation of a forming of request to a search engine.

Some websites allow forming request via parameters in a webaddress (URL).

Search Request Architector allows launch a webbrowser via command line with URL that contains search parameters. You can see found information in the browser.


"" is URL of some search engine's website.

After the URL we can see "?" symbol. After it URL's parameters are follows.

"search" is parameter name. After it, "=" symbol separates paremeter name from its value "album+name".

Symbol "+" is used instead of " " (space) symbol.


Search Request Architector allosw launch a webbrowser via command line:

webbrowser.exe ""

Disclaimer: The Search Engine Architector doesn't give any rights to use any search engine or other resource, and its search results and output. Read details...