FIle Path Name Template [AuI ConverteR Guide]
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FIle Path Name Template [AuI ConverteR Guide]


AuI ConverteR 48x44 [since version 8.4] is capable to generate output file name by template. The template may include metadata from source file. Read details below...

General information

See: Settings > Metadata > Output file name template

Template may define:

  • full absolute path;
  • path, relative field "Directory output files" in main window of the converter software.

Template may be set from:

  • AuI ConverteR's settings > Metadata tab > "Output file name template" field.
  • command line (depend on configuration).

To turn off creation path/name by template in Settings > Metadada > uncheck "Create subdirectories as 'performer/year - album name' in target path" switch.


Template variables

Template variable Description
%performer% Album performer
%year% Album year
%album% Album name
%sourfilename% Source file name
%tracknum% Track number
%tracknumm% Track number with hyphen (example: "1 - ", "2 - " )
%trackname% Track name
%trackperformer% Track performer
%tracknumsourfilename% Track number - Source file name

NOTE: Some template variable may not be supported in some versions.

Template examples

Example 1:

Field "Directory output files" in main window: "C:/Music"

Target format: DSF

Template: %performer%/%year% - %album%/%tracknumm%%trackname%

Path: "C:/Music/Big orchestra/2018 - Symphony No5/01 - Adagio.dsf"


Example 2:

Field "Directory output files" in main window: "F:/Collection/Music"

Target format: FLAC

Template: %performer%/%album%/%tracknum% %trackname%

Path: "F:/Collection/Music/Rock musician/2017 - Mega/01 intro.flac"

FIle Path Name Template [AuI ConverteR Guide]

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