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What is Audio Formats DSD 2.8 DSD64 DSD5.6 DSD128 DSD256 DSD512 DSD1024


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DSD format - DSD 2.8, DSD64, DSD5.6, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512, DSD1024 - is one of high resolution digital formats audio intended for audiophiles. DSD may be considered as stream of audio data. This stream may be transferred or packed to audio file extensions .DFF, .DSF, .ISO (a.k.a. SACD ISO - image of SACD audio disk).

Look video about DSD converter below.

Audio Formats DSD 2.8 DSD64 DSD5.6 DSD128 DSD256 DSD512 DSD1024


DSD Features

DSD is one of kind of sigma delta modulation.

There used sample rates that multiple 44100 Hz:

  • DSD 64     : DSD 2.8 MHz   =  2 822 400 Hz = 44100 Hz x 64 times;
  • DSD 128   : DSD 5.6 MHz   =  5 644 800 Hz = 44100 Hz x 128 times;
  • DSD 256   : DSD 11.2 MHz = 11 289 600 Hz = 44100 Hz x 256 times;
  • DSD 512   : DSD 22.6 MHz = 22 579 200 Hz = 44100 Hz x 512 times;
  • DSD 1024 : DSD 45.2 MHz = 45 158 400 Hz = 44100 Hz x 1024 times;
  • etc.

As rule DSD have bit depth 1 bit. Multibit DSD may be used (read below).



How to work DSD

DSD assigned for transmitting audio signal in lowest part of frequency range. Rest part of audio spectrum used for modulation noise.

Initially 1-bit signal have high level of noise, comparing transmitted audio signal. Used noise shaping procedure for pushing noise energy to high frequency range. Therefore lowest frequecy range have minimal noise floor.

"Intensive" noise pusing to high frequency range can cause lesses stability of sigma delta modulator.

Bit depth increasing allow to decrease noise level in audio signal band. Hence need "lower intencity" of noise pushing to high frequencies. Hence need lower reserve for noise band at high frequencies. Hence sample rate (total DSD signal band) may be decreased.


Tutorial Video: How to work DSD converter




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