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Audio Basis - Educational articles


Audio Basis is series of educational articles by Audiophile Inventory for learning of bases of digital audio processing and audio devices.

Intended for people who want to learn more about audio but have no special knowledges and/or education.

Audio Basis intended for audiophiles, music producers, sound producers, students and other people.

DSD format >    PCM format >    Lossless >   Sample rate >    Bit depth >    Digital filters >

General processing issues >    CD ripping >    Tests >    Ultrasound >    Prospectives of audio >    Power supply >

Audio Physics for Beginners >

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DSD format

What is DSF file format [2017] >


What is Audio Formats DSD 2.8 DSD64 DSD5.6 DSD128 DSD256 DSD512 DSD1024 >

What Inside DSD Converter of Audio Files >

How work sigma delta modulation in audio >

DSD Decoder for Audio >

What is DSF audio file format? >

File Extension DSF >

DSD and PCM. Competitors? >

How Impact to Audio Quality of PCM to DSF Conversion. 1-bit DSF vs. PCM >


PCM format

WAV 64 bit - RF64 - MBWF >



WAV and FLAC. Identical by binary or not? (video) >


Sample rate

Sample Rate Conversion >

Oversampling >

Downsampling >

How oversample DSF audio file >

DSF oversampling. D64 vs. D128 >

What Better Multiple or Non-Multiple Resampling >

Multiple vs. Non-Multiple Resampling Audio [2017] >

Would need sample rates 352 and 384 kHz >

Audio Converter for High Resolution Music Files (video) >


Bit depth

What is dithering audio? >

Bit-Depth Audio and Harmonic Distortions >


Digital filters

What Is Ringing Audio >


General processing issues

64-bit audio processing. Necessity or redundancy >

What is Audio Converter >


CD ripping

Safe Audio CD Ripping Technology >

How to Choose the best CD ripper software >

What is optimization audio for DAC >



Hearing Test vs. Measurements Audio. Where True? >

Why We Can't Compare Different Audio Formats >

7 Keystones of Accurate HiFi Blind Test [Article] >



Audio as Optics >

What is optimization audio for DAC >

Experiment: How to listen ultrasound noise (video) >


Prospectives of audio

Where is the Limit of Audio Quality? >


Power supply

Power Conditioner for Audio. It's real advantage? >


Audio Physics for Beginners

Electric voltage >

Electric current >

Electrical Resistance >


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