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AuI ConverteR 48x44 Music Converter - mp3 FLAC WAV DSF ISO AIFF mp4

AuI ConverteR 48x44
affordable studio music converter software:

for audio files ISO, DSF, DFF, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, m4a, mp3, CUE,…

CD ripper, batch metadata editor

for music production, distribution and
home, portable, car audio, mobile phones
AuI ConverteR 48x44 Free Demo has full audio quality
AuI ConverteR's distributive don't contains any other installers.
The site hosting provide antivirus control of downloads.
AuI ConverteR 48x44 music converter mp3, wav, flac, aiff

AuI ConverteR used for

  • batch pro-level music conversion format and resolution of stereo and multichannel audio files:

   - 1-bit (DSF, DFF)
     from D64 to D512.
   - multibit PCM (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, …)
     from 22 to 768 kHz and from 16 to 64 bit depth (inside format abilities)